1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 3, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 2, line 31, delete "75,381,000" and insert "85,381,000"
1.3Page 3, line 2, delete "38,495,000" and insert "48,495,000"
1.4Page 4, line 19, delete "82,010,000" and insert "92,010,000"
1.5Page 4, line 24, delete "64,103,000" and insert "74,103,000"
1.6Page 4, delete line 33
1.7Page 4, line 34, delete "equip Phase 1" and insert "To design phases 1 and 2"
1.8Page 7, lines 7 and 10, delete "22,951,000" and insert "2,951,000"
1.9Page 9, line 30, after "Austin," insert "Breckenridge,"
1.10Page 9, line 31, after "Browns Valley," insert "Carver,"
1.11Page 10, line 2, delete "and"
1.12Page 10, line 3, before the period insert ", and Waseca"
1.13Page 11, delete lines 9 to 26 and insert:
1.14"(a) For predesign, design, and engineering of
1.15projects to mitigate the threat to property,
1.16public safety, and water quality from rising
1.17water levels at the Canisteo and Hill Annex
1.18mine complexes. The commissioner must give
1.19priority to work that addresses the most
1.20immediate risks to public safety. If the
1.21predesign, design, and engineering for the
1.22Canisteo and Hill Annex mine complexes is
1.23complete, the commissioner may use any
2.1remaining money from this appropriation to
2.2construct mitigation measures at the Canisteo
2.3or Hill Annex mine complex.
2.4(b) The commissioner, in cooperation with the
2.5Department of Iron Range Resources and
2.6Rehabilitation, Western Mesabi Mine Planning
2.7Board, and Itasca County, shall provide a
2.8status report on this project to the chairs and
2.9ranking minority members of the legislative
2.10committees with jurisdiction over capital
2.11investment and environment and natural
2.12resources finance by October 1, 2020,
2.13February 15, 2021, April 15, 2021, July 1,
2.142021, and September 1, 2021. This report must
2.15include but is not limited to recommendations
2.16on lease ownership and costs, the findings of
2.17the pit wall stability study, final engineering,
2.18and design work, including cost estimates to
2.19complete the outlet and recommendations on
2.20ownership, operations, and maintenance of
2.21the constructed outlet."
2.22Page 13, line 4, after "For" insert "the acquisition of lands for"
2.23Page 13, delete lines 7 to 11 and insert:
2.24"For engineering of all phases, and wetland
2.25and public waters mitigation for the Blazing
2.26Star Trail, under Minnesota Statutes, section
2.2785.015, subdivision 19, between the
2.28communities of Albert Lea and Hayward,
2.29connecting both communities to Myre-Big
2.30Island State Park."
2.31Page 16, line 30, delete "construct, and equip" and insert "and engineer"
2.32Page 17, line 2, after the period, insert "This is phase 1 of the project."
2.33Page 17, line 22, after the period, insert "This is phase 1 of the project."
3.1Page 18, delete line 28
3.2Page 26, line 11, delete "the site in Blaine" and insert "a site"
3.3Page 26, line 26, delete "acquire" and insert "construct a"
3.4Page 26, delete line 27
3.5Page 32, line 8, delete everything before the period and insert "connect Scout Drive to
3.6Dehler Drive, and 19th Street South to Scout Drive"
3.7Page 45, delete lines 3 to 10 and insert:
3.8"For a grant to Ramsey County to design,
3.9construct, furnish, and equip a maintenance
3.10building for the Nordic ski competition and
3.11winter recreation area, including related
3.12earthwork and landscaping, and for a marker
3.13commemorating the Olympic
3.14accomplishments of Minnesotan Jessie
3.15Diggins, in Battle Creek Regional Park."
3.16Page 58, line 25, delete "16,000,000" and insert "8,500,000"
3.17Page 58, line 30, delete "5,000,000" and insert "12,500,000"
3.18Page 58, line 32, delete "and design" and insert ", design, construct, furnish, and equip"
3.19Page 59, delete lines 29 to 34
3.20Page 60, delete lines 1 and 2 and insert:
3.21"For a grant to the city of New Ulm to design,
3.22acquire, install, furnish, and equip a capital
3.23improvement permanent shade structure
3.24system for the German Park amphitheater,
3.25compliant with the Americans with Disabilities
3.27Page 61, delete lines 11 to 16 and insert "a regional sport facility. This appropriation
3.28includes money to renovate and expand the Municipal Athletic Facility, to demolish the
3.29grandstand at Dick Putz field, and to design, construct, furnish and equip a new grandstand
3.30at Dick Putz Field. This appropriation"
3.31Page 66, line 15, after "design" insert "and engineer"
4.1Page 67, line 21, before the period, insert ", which may also include acquisition of real
4.2property needed for the wastewater infrastructure improvements"
4.3Page 69, line 24, after "predesign," insert "environmental review,"
4.4Page 69, line 25, after "collection" insert "system"
4.5Page 69, line 26, delete "water" and insert "wastewater"
4.6Page 69, line 27, after "within" insert "one and"
4.7Page 69, line 28, delete "mile" and insert "miles"
4.8Page 76, line 20, delete "improvement" and insert "investment"
4.9Page 77, delete lines 15 to 21 and insert:
4.10"From the bond proceeds account in the trunk
4.11highway fund for reconstruction of trunk
4.12highways that experience frequent flooding
4.13in Sibley County and Le Sueur County, to
4.14modify the elevation of the roadways and
4.15reduce closures due to river flooding, for
4.16portions of the projects that are eligible for
4.17trunk highway bond proceeds."
4.18Page 104, line 4, delete "general" and insert "special revenue"
4.19Page 138, after line 20, insert:
4.20"(d) Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, the maximum effort capital loan authorized
4.21in 2018 for Independent School District No. 38, Red Lake, must be repaid as a capital grant
4.22and loan according to the provisions of section 12."
4.23Page 138, after line 20, insert:

4.26The commissioner of natural resources must manage the area within the statutory
4.27boundary of Lake Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park that is located south of
4.28State Highway 169 as a secondary unit within the state park, as authorized in Minnesota
4.29Statutes, section 86A.08. The secondary unit is designated a state recreation area and must
4.30be managed in a manner consistent with Minnesota Statutes, section 86A.05, subdivision
4.313. Within the secondary unit, in addition to other activities authorized in Lake
5.1Vermilion-Soudan Underground Mine State Park, the commissioner must permit ingress
5.2and egress on designated routes by off-highway vehicles, as defined in Minnesota Statutes,
5.3section 84.771, into campgrounds and overnight facilities developed south of State Highway
5.5Page 139, after line 30, insert:

5.6    "Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 272.38, subdivision 1, is amended to read:
5.7    Subdivision 1. Taxes to be first paid. (a) No structures, standing timber, minerals, sand,
5.8gravel, peat, subsoil, or topsoil shall be removed from any tract of land until all the taxes
5.9assessed against such tract and due and payable shall have been fully paid and discharged.
5.10When the commissioner of management and budget or the county auditor has reason to
5.11believe that any such structure, timber, minerals, sand, gravel, peat, subsoil, or topsoil will
5.12be removed from such tract before such taxes shall have been paid, either may direct the
5.13county attorney to bring suit in the name of the state to enjoin any and all persons from
5.14removing such structure, timber, minerals, sand, gravel, peat, subsoil, or topsoil therefrom
5.15until such taxes are paid. No bond shall be required of plaintiff in such suit.
5.16(b) If the county auditor determines that the removal of a structure is in the public interest,
5.17including the health, safety, and well-being of the surrounding area, and that removal will
5.18not impair the collection of property taxes, the county auditor may waive the requirements
5.19of this subdivision.
5.20EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."
5.21Page 150, after line 13, insert:

5.23    Subdivision 1. Plan. (a) Independent School District No. 709, Duluth, must develop a
5.24plan to sell Historic Old Central High School to another party. The plan must document the
5.25current operating costs of the facility, the expected maintenance costs for the facility over
5.26the next 20 years, and describe the alternatives for the programs and staff currently located
5.27at Historic Old Central High School.
5.28(b) The plan must also document potential building projects, which may include:
5.29(1) constructing or acquiring new administrative space;
5.30(2) adding transportation maintenance and bus storage facilities;
5.31(3) improving roads and infrastructure; and
6.1(4) preparing sites for building or demolishing the Duluth Central High School facility
6.2constructed in 1971.
6.3(c) The plan must be submitted by the school board to the commissioner of education
6.4after the hearing required in subdivision 2.
6.5(d) The commissioner must examine the plan, and if the commissioner concludes that
6.6the plan will yield financial, student, and staff efficiencies for the district, approve the plan.
6.7    Subd. 2. Public hearing. At least 30 days prior to submitting the projects listed in the
6.8plan developed under subdivision 1 for review and comment, the school board must hold
6.9a public hearing on the plan and the building projects. The school board must allow public
6.10testimony on the proposal.
6.11    Subd. 3. Review and comment. The district must submit the projects included in the
6.12plan to the commissioner of education for review and comment under Minnesota Statutes,
6.13section 123B.71.
6.14    Subd. 4. Bond authorization. (a) Independent School District No. 709, Duluth, may
6.15issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $31,500,000 under this section
6.16to finance the school facility plan approved by the district and the commissioner of education
6.17under subdivision 1. The district must comply with Minnesota Statutes, chapter 475, except
6.18Minnesota Statutes, sections 475.58 and 475.59. The authority to issue bonds under this
6.19section is in addition to any other bonding authority granted to the district.
6.20(b) At least 20 days before the issuance of bonds or the final certification of levies under
6.21this section, the district must publish notice of the intended projects, the amount of the bonds
6.22to be issued, and the total amount of the district's debt.
6.23(c) The debt service required by the bonds issued is debt service revenue under Minnesota
6.24Statutes, section 123B.53.
6.25    Subd. 5. Long-term facilities maintenance revenue. The commissioner of education
6.26must ensure that the district's long-term facilities maintenance plan under Minnesota Statutes,
6.27section 123B.595, reflects the savings outlined in the plan developed in subdivision 1.
6.28    Subd. 6. Report. On February 15 of each even-numbered year, Independent School
6.29District No. 709, Duluth, must submit a report on the outcomes and efficiencies achieved
6.30under this section to the commissioner of education and to the chairs and ranking minority
6.31members of the legislative committees having jurisdiction over education finance.
6.32EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."
7.1Page 181, line 3, delete "act" and insert "article"
7.2Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
7.3Amend the title accordingly