1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2529, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 6, line 2, delete "library" and insert "Memorial Library"
1.3Page 6, line 12, delete "and design the"
1.4Page 6, line 13, delete "demolition of the maintenance shed"
1.5Page 12, line 11, delete "counties and"
1.6Page 14, line 24, delete "this"
1.7Page 14, line 25, delete "project" and insert "these projects" and delete "it" and insert
1.9Page 16, line 5, delete "for protection and" and insert "to make"
1.10Page 19, line 18, after the period, insert "Amounts spent on the projects from nonstate
1.11sources since December 1, 2019, count toward the nonstate contribution to the projects."
1.12Page 32, line 26, delete "use" and insert "reflect"
1.13Page 32, line 27, after "facade" insert "design" and after "include" insert "design"
1.14Page 32, line 29, delete "the original"
1.15Page 32, line 30, before the period, insert "if determined to be in sufficient good condition
1.16for reuse"
1.17Page 35, delete subdivision 4 and insert:
"Subd. 4.Mighty Ducks
1.19For grants to local government units under
1.20Minnesota Statutes, section 240A.09,
1.21paragraph (b), to improve indoor air quality
1.22or eliminate R-22. This appropriation shall not
2.1be used to acquire ice resurfacing or edging
2.3Page 41, line 6, after "for" insert "eligible"
2.4Page 41, line 7, after "corridor" insert "improvement"
2.5Page 41, line 22, delete "documentation" and insert "analysis"
2.6Page 44, line 10, delete "documentation" and insert "analysis"
2.7Page 44, line 25, delete everything after "Richfield" and insert a period
2.8Page 44, delete lines 26 to 29
2.9Page 44, line 30, delete "section 32."
2.10Page 45, line 2, after the period, insert "This appropriation is added to the appropriation
2.11in Laws 2015, First Special Session chapter 5, article 1, section 10, subdivision 7, as amended
2.12by Laws 2017, First Special Session chapter 8, article 2, section 32."
2.13Page 45, line 20, delete "documentation" and insert "analysis"
2.14Page 47, delete line 6 and insert "for acquisition of right-of-way, design, inspection,
2.15materials testing, and construction of"
2.16Page 47, line 7, delete "construct"
2.17Page 47, delete line 13 and insert "acquisition, design, inspection, and materials testing.
2.18This appropriation"
2.19Page 50, line 20, delete "documentation" and insert "analysis"
2.20Page 53, delete subdivision 32 and insert:
"Subd. 32.Albert Lea; Highway 65 Flood
2.23For a grant to the city of Albert Lea for
2.24preliminary design, final design, right-of-way
2.25acquisition if needed, environmental
2.26remediation, site preparation, including
2.27demolition of existing buildings and structures
2.28deemed undesirable for storm water drainage
2.29ponds, permitting, soil excavation and
2.30disposal, lining of pond, retaining walls, and
2.31storm sewer drainage systems, and
3.1construction of storm water drainage ponds
3.2and storm water drainage systems for city
3.3storm water drainage in connection with the
3.4marked U.S. Highway 65 flood mitigation
3.5project in Albert Lea. The flood mitigation
3.6project is to raise the roadway above flood
3.7levels. This appropriation is not available until
3.8the commissioner of management and budget
3.9determines that at least $1,000,000 has been
3.10committed from nonstate sources to complete
3.11the project."
3.12Page 57, line 1, before "To" insert "For a grant to the city of Apple Valley"
3.13Page 58, line 22, after "is" insert "not" and delete "when" and insert "until"
3.14Page 59, line 5, delete everything after the period
3.15Page 59, delete lines 6 and 7
3.16Page 65, delete subdivision 7
3.17Page 68, line 1, delete "or"
3.18Page 68, line 2, delete "another named entity"
3.19Page 70, delete line 23 and insert "For a grant"
3.20Page 71, delete line 3 and insert "For a grant"
3.21Page 71, delete line 18 and insert "For a grant"
3.22Page 71, delete line 34 and insert "For a grant"
3.23Page 74, line 21, delete "Phase"
3.24Page 74, line 22, delete "II of"
3.25Page 74, line 28, delete "shall include" and insert "includes"
3.26Page 89, line 3, after "predesign" insert "and design"
3.27Page 89, line 15, delete "and" and insert a comma
3.28Page 89, delete line 16 and insert "predesign, and design, it may be used for construction
3.29of the"
3.30Page 89, line 20, delete "design" and insert "construction"
4.1Page 93, line 5, before the period, insert "to purchase the building in which the clinic is
4.3Page 95, line 27, delete "(a)"
4.4Page 95, delete lines 33 to 35
4.5Page 96, delete lines 1 to 12 and insert "appropriation does not require a nonstate
4.7Page 101, line 31, before the period, insert "in the northwest area of the city on West
4.8Arm Drive"
4.9Page 126, delete section 6 and insert:

4.10    "Sec. 6. Minnesota Statutes 2018, section 41B.025, is amended by adding a subdivision
4.11to read:
4.12    Subd. 9. Report. The authority shall submit quarterly reports to the governor and the
4.13legislative committees and divisions with jurisdiction over agriculture and capital investment
4.14that provide an estimate of when funding for the authority's state bond-financed loan
4.15programs is projected to be exhausted."
4.16Page 128, line 28, before "interest" insert "an"
4.17Page 129, line 8, delete "provided by this section" and insert "from the general fund
4.19Page 161, delete section 42
4.20Page 161, line 15, before "If" insert "Except for appropriation of bond proceeds to the
4.21Rural Finance Authority,"
4.22Renumber subdivisions and sections in sequence and correct the internal references
4.23Amend the title accordingly
4.24Adjust amounts accordingly