1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 7, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 2, line 25, reinstate the stricken language and after "of" insert ": (i)" and delete
1.3"facilities" and insert "; or (ii) 100 megawatts or more, provided that the facility is"
1.4Page 3, line 5, after "utility" insert "providing"
1.5Page 3, line 31, before the period, insert "as of the effective date of this act"
1.6Page 4, line 6, after "that" insert "the electric utility generates or procures an amount of
1.7electricity from an eligible energy technology that is equivalent to"
1.8Page 4, line 7, strike "are generated by eligible energy technologies"
1.9Page 7, line 6, after "from" insert a colon
1.10Page 7, line 7, before the first "electricity" insert "(i)"
1.11Page 7, line 8, strike the period and insert "; and"
1.12Page 7, after line 8, insert:
1.13"(ii) an electric utility's annual purchases from a regional transmission organization net
1.14of the electric utility's sales to the regional transmission organization, but only for the
1.15percentage of annual net purchases that is carbon-free, which percentage the commission
1.16must calculate based on the regional transmission organization's systemwide annual fuel
1.17mix or an applicable subregional fuel mix."
1.18Page 9, line 7, after "that" insert "the electric utility generates or procures an amount of
1.19electricity from carbon-free energy technologies that is equivalent to"
1.20Page 9, line 8, delete everything after "Minnesota"
1.21Page 9, line 9, delete "energy technologies"
2.1Page 9, line 10, after "percent" insert "for public utilities; 60 percent for other electric
2.3Page 9, lines 11 and 12, after "percent" insert "for all electric utilities"
2.4Page 10, line 5, before "energy" insert "renewable"
2.5Page 10, lines 27 to 29, delete the new language
2.6Page 10, line 30, before the period, insert ", except that a credit may be used to satisfy
2.7both the carbon-free energy standard obligation under subdivision 2g and either the renewable
2.8energy standard obligation under subdivision 2a or the solar energy standard obligation
2.9under subdivision 2f, if the credit meets the requirements of each subdivision"