1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 4293, the second engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 215, after line 5, insert:

1.3    "Sec. 52. Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 473.4051, is amended by adding a subdivision
1.4to read:
1.5    Subd. 4. Bottineau light rail transit prohibition. (a) Any state agency and any political
1.6subdivision, including but not limited to the council, a county, and a regional railroad
1.7authority, is prohibited from expending funds, regardless of the source, for the Bottineau
1.8light rail transit project, also known as the METRO blue line extension.
1.9(b) The prohibition in this subdivision includes but is not limited to study, planning,
1.10environmental analysis, engineering, design, land acquisition, and construction.
1.11EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."
1.12Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
1.13Amend the title accordingly