1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 4757, the second engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 47, after line 24, insert:
1.3"(d) By November 15, 2024, the office must announce the commencement of an initial
1.4application period for license preapproval. By December 31, 2024, the office must issue
1.5license preapprovals to eligible applicants who submit an application in the initial application
1.6period. The office must prioritize license categories that authorize the cultivation of cannabis
1.7plants. At a minimum, the office must make the following number of licenses available for
1.8preapproval in the initial application period:
1.9(1) cannabis microbusiness licenses, 100;
1.10(2) cannabis mezzobusiness licenses, 25;
1.11(3) cannabis cultivator licenses, 26; and
1.12(4) cannabis testing facility licenses, 50."
1.13Page 50, line 6, after "(d)" insert "Except as provided in paragraph (e),"
1.14Page 50, after line 18, insert:
1.15"(e) A person with a license preapproval for a cannabis microbusiness license, cannabis
1.16mezzobusiness license, or cannabis cultivator license may grow cannabis plants within the
1.17approved amount of space from seed or immature plant to mature plant, harvest cannabis
1.18flower from a mature plant, package and label immature cannabis plants and seedlings and
1.19cannabis flower for sale to other cannabis businesses, transport cannabis flower to a cannabis
1.20manufacturer located on the same premises, and perform other actions approved by the
1.21office. The office may establish temporary guidelines to regulate the cultivation of cannabis
1.22plants under this paragraph. Temporary guidelines may include requirements related to
1.23documentation, cultivation practices, testing requirements, and other related requirements.
1.24The office may require a person cultivating cannabis plants under this paragraph to comply
2.1with any relevant portions of Minnesota Rules, parts 4770.0100 to 4770.4030. The office
2.2may establish temporary guidelines through agency policy. Temporary guidelines expire
2.3in July 1, 2026, or when the office adopts initial rules pursuant to section 342.02, subdivision
2.45, whichever is earlier."