1.1.................... moves to amend S.F. No. 218, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.4    Subdivision 1. Permits moratorium. (a) Except as provided in paragraph (b), the
1.5commissioner of transportation is prohibited from requiring, issuing, or enforcing permits
1.6under Minnesota Statutes, sections 160.232 and 160.2715, or any other Minnesota statute
1.7or administrative rule, to mow or bale hay in right-of-way under the jurisdiction of the
1.9(b) This subdivision applies regardless of date of any permit issuance. This subdivision
1.10does not apply to right-of-way in which adjacent land is under the jurisdiction of the state
1.11or a political subdivision.
1.12    Subd. 2. Recommendation to legislature. (a) No later than March 1, 2018, the
1.13commissioner of transportation must recommend to the legislative committees with
1.14jurisdiction over transportation, agriculture, and natural resources establishment of a permit
1.15or notification system to mow or hay in trunk highway right-of-way. The recommendation
1.16must be developed in coordination with the commissioners of agriculture and natural
1.17resources, and with the chairs and ranking minority members of the legislative committees
1.18identified in this paragraph.
1.19(b) The recommendation must contain at least the following elements:
1.20(1) ease of permit application or notification;
1.21(2) frequency of permits or notifications;
1.22(3) priority given to the owner or occupant of private land adjacent to a trunk highway
2.1(4) determination of authority to mow or hay trunk highway right-of-way in which
2.2adjacent land is under the jurisdiction of the state or a political subdivision; and
2.3(5) recognition of differences in the abundance of wildlife habitat north and south of
2.4marked U.S. Highway 10.
2.5EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."
2.6Delete the title and insert:
2.7"A bill for an act
2.8relating to transportation; governing mowing and haying in trunk highway
2.9right-of-way; establishing a moratorium and requiring a recommendation to the