1.1.................... moves to amend the .... amendment (S3560A2) to S.F. No. 3560 as follows:
1.2Page 20, after line 19, insert:

1.3    "Sec. ... Minnesota Statutes 2019 Supplement, section 152.22, subdivision 6, is amended
1.4to read:
1.5    Subd. 6. Medical cannabis. (a) "Medical cannabis" means any species of the genus
1.6cannabis plant, or any mixture or preparation of them, including whole plant extracts and
1.7resins, and is delivered in the form of:
1.8(1) liquid, including, but not limited to, oil;
1.9(2) pill;
1.10(3) vaporized delivery method with use of liquid or, oil but which does not require the
1.11use of dried leaves or plant form, or raw cannabis; or
1.12(4) any other method, excluding smoking, approved by the commissioner.
1.13(b) This definition includes any part of the genus cannabis plant prior to being processed
1.14into a form allowed under paragraph (a), that is possessed by a person while that person is
1.15engaged in employment duties necessary to carry out a requirement under sections 152.22
1.16to 152.37 for a registered manufacturer or a laboratory under contract with a registered
1.17manufacturer. This definition also includes any hemp acquired by a manufacturer by a hemp
1.18grower as permitted under section 152.29, subdivision 1, paragraph (b)."
1.19Page 20, after line 19, insert:
1.20"Page 11, after line 19, insert:

2.1    "Sec. ... Minnesota Statutes 2019 Supplement, section 152.29, subdivision 3, is amended
2.2to read:
2.3    Subd. 3. Manufacturer; distribution. (a) A manufacturer shall require that employees
2.4licensed as pharmacists pursuant to chapter 151 be the only employees to give final approval
2.5for the distribution of medical cannabis to a patient. A manufacturer may transport medical
2.6cannabis or medical cannabis products that have been cultivated, harvested, manufactured,
2.7packaged, and processed by that manufacturer to another registered manufacturer for the
2.8other manufacturer to distribute.
2.9(b) A manufacturer may distribute medical cannabis products, whether or not the products
2.10have been manufactured by that manufacturer.
2.11(c) Prior to distribution of any medical cannabis, the manufacturer shall:
2.12(1) verify that the manufacturer has received the registry verification from the
2.13commissioner for that individual patient;
2.14(2) verify that the person requesting the distribution of medical cannabis is the patient,
2.15the patient's registered designated caregiver, or the patient's parent, legal guardian, or spouse
2.16listed in the registry verification using the procedures described in section 152.11, subdivision
2.18(3) assign a tracking number to any medical cannabis distributed from the manufacturer;
2.19(4) ensure that any employee of the manufacturer licensed as a pharmacist pursuant to
2.20chapter 151 has consulted with the patient to determine the proper dosage for the individual
2.21patient after reviewing the ranges of chemical compositions of the medical cannabis and
2.22the ranges of proper dosages reported by the commissioner. For purposes of this clause, a
2.23consultation may be conducted remotely using a videoconference, so long as the employee
2.24providing the consultation is able to confirm the identity of the patient, the consultation
2.25occurs while the patient is at a distribution facility, and the consultation adheres to patient
2.26privacy requirements that apply to health care services delivered through telemedicine;
2.27(5) properly package medical cannabis in compliance with the United States Poison
2.28Prevention Packing Act regarding child-resistant packaging and exemptions for packaging
2.29for elderly patients, and label distributed medical cannabis with a list of all active ingredients
2.30and individually identifying information, including:
2.31(i) the patient's name and date of birth;
2.32(ii) the name and date of birth of the patient's registered designated caregiver or, if listed
2.33on the registry verification, the name of the patient's parent or legal guardian, if applicable;
3.1(iii) the patient's registry identification number;
3.2(iv) the chemical composition of the medical cannabis; and
3.3(v) the dosage; and
3.4In order to be properly packaged under this clause, raw cannabis must be packaged in
3.5compliance with the United States Poison Prevention Packing Act regarding child-resistant
3.6packaging and exemptions for packaging for elderly patients, must be labeled in compliance
3.7with this clause, and must be packaged in opaque packaging and in individual doses; and
3.8(6) ensure that the medical cannabis distributed contains a maximum of a 90-day supply
3.9of the dosage determined for that patient.
3.10(d) A manufacturer shall require any employee of the manufacturer who is transporting
3.11medical cannabis or medical cannabis products to a distribution facility or to another
3.12registered manufacturer to carry identification showing that the person is an employee of
3.13the manufacturer.
3.14(e) A manufacturer shall only distribute medical cannabis in raw cannabis form to a
3.15patient age 21 or older, or to the registered designated caregiver, parent, legal guardian, or
3.16spouse of a patient age 21 or older.""