1.1.................... moves to amend S.F. No. 4062, the first unofficial engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 12, line 18, delete "$11,000,000" and insert "$4,650,000"
1.3Page 15, after line 27, insert:
1.4"(w) $6,350,000 the second year is for
1.5acquiring land or easements and for permitting
1.6and constructing publicly owned infrastructure
1.7to mitigate the imminent threat to public
1.8safety, property, and regional water quality
1.9from the rising water at the Canisteo open pit
1.10mine complex. Of this amount, $850,000 is
1.11for operation and maintenance and is available
1.12until June 30, 2063. This is a onetime
1.13appropriation. The commissioner of natural
1.14resources must enter into a lease for this
1.15project for a term that is consistent with
1.16meeting project needs and Minnesota Statutes,
1.17section 16A.695. A lease entered into under
1.18this section must include a provision that
1.19provides for the amendment or termination of
1.20the lease when:
1.21(1) the commissioner of natural resources
1.22determines that the project is no longer needed
1.23to serve the intended purpose or identifies a
1.24more effective alternative to the constructed
1.25project; or
2.1(2) mining operations are fully permitted to
2.2resume in all or part of the property acquired
2.3or improved with state bond proceeds,
2.4consistent with Minnesota Statutes, section
2.6(x) Upon substantial completion of the project
2.7authorized in paragraph (w) and after written
2.8notice to the commissioner of management
2.9and budget, the commissioner of natural
2.10resources must use any money remaining in
2.11the appropriation under paragraph (w) to
2.12engineer, design, and construct water
2.13mitigation infrastructure at the Hill Annex
2.14open pit mining complex."