1.1.................... moves to amend S.F. No. 4091, the fourth engrossment, as amended, as
1.3Page 384, after line 6, insert:

1.4    "Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2021 Supplement, section 325E.21, subdivision 1b, is amended
1.5to read:
1.6    Subd. 1b. Purchase or acquisition record required. (a) Any person who purchases or
1.7receives a catalytic converter must comply with this section.
1.8(b) Every scrap metal dealer, including an agent, employee, or representative of the
1.9dealer, shall create a permanent record written in English, using an electronic record program
1.10at the time of each purchase or acquisition of scrap metal. The record must include:
1.11(1) a complete and accurate account or description, including the weight if customarily
1.12purchased by weight, of the scrap metal purchased or acquired;
1.13(2) the date, time, and place of the receipt of the scrap metal purchased or acquired and
1.14a unique transaction identifier;
1.15(3) a photocopy or electronic scan of the seller's proof of identification including the
1.16identification number;
1.17(4) the amount paid and the number of the check or electronic transfer used to purchase
1.18the scrap metal;
1.19(5) the license plate number and description of the vehicle used by the person when
1.20delivering the scrap metal, including the vehicle make and model, and any identifying marks
1.21on the vehicle, such as a business name, decals, or markings, if applicable;
2.1(6) a statement signed by the seller, under penalty of perjury as provided in section
2.2609.48, attesting that the scrap metal is not stolen and is free of any liens or encumbrances
2.3and the seller has the right to sell it;
2.4(7) a copy of the receipt, which must include at least the following information: the name
2.5and address of the dealer, the date and time the scrap metal was received by the dealer, an
2.6accurate description of the scrap metal, and the amount paid for the scrap metal;
2.7(8) in order to purchase a detached catalytic converter, the vehicle identification number
2.8of the car it was removed from or as an alternative any numbers, bar codes, stickers, or other
2.9unique markings that result whether resulting from the pilot project created under subdivision
2.102b or some other source. The alternative number must be under a numbering system that
2.11can be immediately linked to the vehicle identification number by law enforcement; and
2.12(9) the name of the person who removed the catalytic converter identity, or identifier,
2.13of the employee completing the transaction.
2.14    (c) (b) The record, as well as the scrap metal purchased or received, shall at all reasonable
2.15times be open to the inspection of any properly identified law enforcement officer.
2.16(d) (c) Except for the purchase of detached catalytic converters, no record is required
2.17for property purchased from merchants, manufacturers, salvage pools, insurance companies,
2.18rental car companies, financial institutions, charities, dealers licensed under section 168.27,
2.19or wholesale dealers, having an established place of business, or of any goods purchased at
2.20open sale from any bankrupt stock, but a receipt as required under paragraph (b), clause
2.21(7), shall be obtained and kept by the person, which must be shown upon demand to any
2.22properly identified law enforcement officer.
2.23    (e) (d) The dealer must provide a copy of the receipt required under paragraph (b), clause
2.24(7), to the seller in every transaction.
2.25(f) (e) Law enforcement agencies in the jurisdiction where a dealer is located may conduct
2.26regular and routine inspections to ensure compliance, refer violations to the city or county
2.27attorney for criminal prosecution, and notify the registrar of motor vehicles.
2.28(g) (f) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a scrap metal dealer or the dealer's
2.29agent, employee, or representative may not disclose personal information concerning a
2.30customer without the customer's consent unless the disclosure is required by law or made
2.31in response to a request from a law enforcement agency. A scrap metal dealer must implement
2.32reasonable safeguards to protect the security of the personal information and prevent
2.33unauthorized access to or disclosure of the information. For purposes of this paragraph,
3.1"personal information" is any individually identifiable information gathered in connection
3.2with a record under paragraph (a).

3.3    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 325E.21, subdivision 2, is amended to read:
3.4    Subd. 2. Retention required. Records required to be maintained by subdivision
3.5subdivisions 1a or, 1b, 11, 12, and 13, shall be retained by the scrap metal dealer for a period
3.6of three years.

3.7    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 325E.21, subdivision 5, is amended to read:
3.8    Subd. 5. Training. Each scrap metal dealer shall review the educational materials
3.9provided by the superintendent of the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension under section
3.10299C.25 and ensure that all employees do so as well. A scrap metal dealer engaged in the
3.11purchase of used catalytic converters shall ensure employees handling catalytic converter
3.12transactions are specifically trained and familiar with the additional requirements for catalytic

3.14    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 325E.21, subdivision 6, is amended to read:
3.15    Subd. 6. Criminal penalty. (a) A scrap metal dealer, or the agent, employee, or
3.16representative of the dealer, who intentionally violates a provision of this section, except
3.17for subdivisions 11 to 13, is guilty of a misdemeanor.
3.18(b) A person who violates subdivisions 11 to 13 is guilty of a:
3.19(1) misdemeanor for possession or purchase of one catalytic converter; and
3.20(2) gross misdemeanor for possession or purchase of two or more catalytic converters.
3.21EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective August 1, 2022, and applies to crimes
3.22committed on or after that date."
3.23Page 385, after line 4, insert:

3.24    "Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 325E.21, is amended by adding a subdivision
3.25to read:
3.26    Subd. 13. Purchase of catalytic converters. A scrap metal dealer is prohibited from
3.27processing, selling, or removing a catalytic converter from the dealer's premises for at least
3.28seven days after the catalytic converter acquisition by the scrap metal dealer.
4.1EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective August 1, 2022, and applies to crimes
4.2committed on or after that date.

4.3    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 325E.21, is amended by adding a subdivision
4.4to read:
4.5    Subd. 14. New and used motor vehicles. Dealers, as defined in section 168.002,
4.6subdivision 6, and dealers in used motor vehicles must mark the catalytic converters of all
4.7motor vehicles held for sale with unique identification numbers using labels, engraving,
4.8theft deterrence paint, or other methods that permanently mark the catalytic converter without
4.9damaging its function. The commissioner shall advise dealers and dealers in used motor
4.10vehicles of the best method to accomplish permanently marking the catalytic converter.

4.11    Sec. .... Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 325E.21, is amended by adding a subdivision
4.12to read:
4.13    Subd. 15. Audits. The commissioner may conduct periodic audits on scrap metal dealers
4.14to ensure compliance with the catalytic converter theft prevention requirements of this
4.16Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
4.17Amend the title accordingly