1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 1729, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 4, line 1, before "Premium" insert "cafeteria or"
1.3Page 4, line 2, before the period, insert "that allows employees to pay for health
1.4insurance premiums with pretax dollars"
1.5Page 5, line 7, delete "does not offer a group"
1.6Page 5, line 8, delete "health insurance plan as defined in section 62A.10, but does"
1.7and insert "is required to"
1.8Page 5, line 9, delete "through the exchange"
1.9Page 5, line 17, delete "renewed" and insert "nonrenewed"
1.10Page 5, line 22, delete "offered" and insert "sold to individuals"
1.11Page 5, line 26, delete "set up an employer" and insert "establish" and delete "Plan"
1.12and insert "plans;"
1.13Page 5, after line 27, insert:
1.14    "(3) provide education and assistance to employers to help them understand the
1.15requirements of Section 125 plans and compliance with applicable regulations;"
1.16Page 5, line 28, delete "(3)" and insert "(4)"
1.17Page 5, line 30, delete "(4)" and insert "(5)"
1.18Page 5, line 31, delete "or contributions" and delete "or on behalf of"
1.19Page 5, line 32, delete "enrolled"
1.20Page 5, line 33, delete "in" and insert "who purchase coverage through"
1.21Page 5, line 34, delete "(5)" and insert "(6)"
1.22Page 6, line 1, delete "(6)" and insert "(7)"
1.23Page 6, line 4, delete "(7)" and insert "(8)"
1.24Page 6, line 7, delete "(8)" and insert "(9)"
1.25Page 6, line 9, delete "(9)" and insert "(10)"
1.26Page 6, line 12, delete "(10)" and insert "(11)"
1.27Page 6, line 14, delete "(11)" and insert "(12)"
2.1Page 6, line 15, after the period, insert "The exchange shall not accept premium
2.2payments for individual market health plans from an employer Section 125 Plan if the
2.3employer offers a group health plan as defined in section 62A.10 or if the employer is a
2.4self-insurer as defined in section 62E.02."
2.5Page 6, line 20, delete everything after "to" and insert "collect premiums through a
2.6Section 125 Plan for eligible individuals who purchase an individual market health plan
2.7through the exchange."
2.8Page 6, delete lines 21 and 22
2.9Page 8, delete subdivision 19
2.10Page 8, line 28, before "Premium" insert "cafeteria or"
2.11Page 8, line 29, before the period, insert "that allows employees to purchase health
2.12insurance with pretax dollars"
2.13Page 8, line 34, before "Effective" insert "(a)"
2.14Page 8, line 35, delete "offer" and insert "establish" and delete "through the
2.16Page 9, line 1, delete "pay for health insurance premiums" and insert "purchase
2.17individual market health plan coverage"
2.18Page 9, line 4, delete "offer group health insurance through a self-insured plan" and
2.19insert "are self-insurers"
2.20Page 9, after line 7, insert:
2.21    "(b) Employers that offer a Section 125 Plan may enter into an agreement with the
2.22exchange to administer the employer's Section 125 Plan."
2.23Page 9, delete subdivision 4 and insert:
2.24    "Subd. 4. Employer requirements. Employers that are required to offer or choose
2.25to offer a Section 125 Plan shall:
2.26    (1) allow employees to purchase an individual market health plan for themselves
2.27and their dependents through the exchange;
2.28    (2) upon an employee's request, deduct premium amounts on a pretax basis in an
2.29amount not to exceed an employee's wages, and remit these employee payments to the
2.30exchange; and
2.31    (3) provide notice to employees that individual market health plans purchased
2.32through the exchange are not employer-sponsored."
2.33Page 10, line 7, after "Individuals" insert "who are eligible to use an employer
2.34Section 125 Plan to pay for health insurance coverage purchased" and delete "eligible
2.35to enroll in health"
2.36Page 10, line 8, delete "plans through an employer Section 125 Plan"
3.1Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
3.2Amend the title accordingly