1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 6, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 133, after line 25, insert:

1.4    The commissioner of education must contract with an independent consultant that
1.5has extensive experience working with libraries to evaluate the structure of the library
1.6system and services provided by Minnesota libraries that receive public funding. The
1.7study must include all types of libraries in the state such as academic, government, special,
1.8school, and public libraries, including collaborative entities such as MINITEX and state
1.9library services. The consultant must:
1.10    (1) conduct an in-depth analysis of the current library system structure and services,
1.11identifying best practices, duplication of services, and opportunities to improve efficiency;
1.13    (2) prepare a report to be submitted to the Department of Education, documenting
1.14and reporting findings, and recommending, where necessary, changes to increase
1.15efficiency and cooperation in the delivery of service and use of public funds.
1.16    The commissioner must report the findings of the study to the legislative committees
1.17having jurisdiction over kindergarten through grade 12 finance before January 15, 2009,
1.18and shall recommend any required changes in statute that will result in a more streamlined
1.19and efficient library structure."
1.20Page 134, line 26, delete "4,500,000" and "4,300,000"
1.21Page 134, after line 31, insert:
1.22    "Subd. 7. Comprehensive library study contract. For a contract to examine
1.23Minnesota's library structure under section 3:
1.25    This appropriation is available through June 30, 2009. This is a onetime
2.1Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.2Amend the title accordingly