1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 167 as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.4    Subdivision 1. Appropriation. (a) $2,500,000 is appropriated from the bond
1.5proceeds fund to the commissioner of employment and economic development for a
1.6grant to be used to design, construct, furnish, and equip a waste to energy demonstration
1.7facility that:
1.8    (1) uses plasma arc technology to generate energy;
1.9    (2) uses a variety of Minnesota feedstocks, including corn stover, corn cobs, and
1.10wood chips, and scrap materials as fuel; and
1.11    (3) is to be manufactured by a company incorporated in Minnesota and is to be
1.12installed by Hutchinson Utilities Commission on a site in Hutchinson to be selected by
1.13the commission.
1.14    (b) This appropriation is not available until the commissioner of finance determines
1.15that at least $1,500,000 has been committed to the project from other sources.
1.16    Subd. 2. Bond sale. To provide the money appropriated in subdivision 1 from
1.17the bond proceeds fund, the commissioner of finance shall sell and issue bonds of the
1.18state in an amount up to $2,500,000 in the manner, upon the terms, and with the effect
1.19prescribed by Minnesota Statutes, sections 16A.631 to 16A.675, and by the Minnesota
1.20Constitution, article XI, sections 4 to 7.
1.21EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."
1.22Delete the title and insert:
1.23"A bill for an act
1.24relating to capital investment; authorizing spending to acquire and better public
1.25land and buildings and other improvements of a capital nature; appropriating
1.26money for a waste to energy demonstration facility."