1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 297, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H0297DE1), as follows:
1.3Page 1, delete section 1 and insert:

1.4    "Section 1. [62J.536] UNIFORM CLAIM STANDARDS.
1.5    Subdivision 1. Definitions. For purposes of this section, terms have the following
1.7    (1) "Uniform claims standards" means the data and codes required to complete
1.8health care transactions.
1.9    (2) "Group purchaser" has the meaning given section 62J.03, subdivision 6.
1.10     (3) "Health care provider" has the meaning given in section 62J.03, subdivision 8.
1.11    Subd. 2. Uniform claims forms. Beginning January 15, 2009, health care providers
1.12shall submit HIPAA compliant uniform claims forms using HIPAA compliant uniform
1.13claims standards to group purchasers and all group purchasers shall accept these forms.
1.14    Subd. 3. Electronic claims submission. (a) By January 15, 2009, all group
1.15purchasers and health care providers shall use electronic claims submission and processing
1.16systems. The commissioner may extend the January 15, 2009 date for implementing an
1.17electronic claims submission and processing system if the group purchaser or health
1.18care provider submits proof of intent to implement a electronic claims submission and
1.19processing system no later than January 15, 2010.
1.20    (b) Electronic claims submission and processing systems shall include the capacity
1.21to monitor and disseminate information concerning eligibility and coverage of individuals.
1.22    (c) Group purchasers may not impose any fee for use of these systems.
1.23    Subd. 4. Rules. The commissioner of commerce shall consult with the Minnesota
1.24Administrative Uniformity Committee on development of uniform claims forms
1.25and uniform claims standards. The commissioner shall use standards based on the
1.26Medicare program with modifications as recommended by the Administrative Uniformity
2.1Committee to promulgate rules. The commissioner shall issue rules, pursuant to sections
2.214.001 to 14.28 or section 14.389, establishing and requiring group purchasers and health
2.3care providers to use uniform claims standards. The commissioner shall promulgate rules
2.4by January 15, 2008, or report to the legislature on the status of rule development by
2.5January 15, 2008.
2.6    Subd. 5. Modification prohibited. No group purchaser or health care provider may
2.7add to or modify the requirements of this section."
2.8Amend the title accordingly