1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 297, the first committee engrossment, as
1.3Page 336, delete subdivision 1 and insert:
1.4    "Subdivision 1. Creation; membership. A health care purchasing pool study group
1.5is created to study and make recommendations regarding the creation of a voluntary,
1.6statewide health care purchasing pool that would contract directly with providers to
1.7provide affordable health coverage to eligible Minnesota residents. The study group is
1.8composed of:
1.9    (1) the chief house and senate authors of this act;
1.10    (2) the chairs of the senate Committee on Health, Housing, and Family Security and
1.11the Health and Human Services Budget Division;
1.12    (3) the chairs of the house Health Care and Human Services Committee and the
1.13Health Care and Human Services Division;
1.14    (4) the attorney general or the attorney general's designated representative;
1.15    (5) three representatives of health care providers appointed as follows:
1.16    (i) one member appointed by the governor;
1.17    (ii) one member appointed by the speaker of the house; and
1.18    (iii) one member appointed by the Subcommittee on Committees of the senate
1.19Committee on Rules and Administration; and
1.20    (6) two consumers of health care appointed by the governor.
1.21    All appointments to be made under this subdivision must be made within 30 days
1.22of the effective date of this act."