1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 1392, the revisor's amendment (A07-0553),
1.2as follows:
1.3Page 4, line 28, delete "$10,000,000" and insert "$9,850,000"
1.4Page 7, after line 13, insert:
1.5"$150,000 the first year is appropriated to the
1.6commissioner of commerce for grants for
1.7demonstration projects of electric vehicles
1.8with advanced transmission technologies
1.9incorporating, if feasible, batteries,
1.10converters and other components developed
1.11in Minnesota. Funds may be expended under
1.12the grants only if grantees enter agreements
1.13specifying that commercial production of
1.14these vehicles and components will, to the
1.15extent possible, take place in Minnesota."