1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 1405 as follows:
1.2Page 1, after line 6 insert:

1.3    "Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 256B.0911, subdivision 6, is amended to
1.5    Subd. 6. Payment for long-term care consultation services. (a) The total payment
1.6for each county must be paid monthly by certified nursing facilities in the county. The
1.7monthly amount to be paid by each nursing facility for each fiscal year must be determined
1.8by dividing the county's annual allocation for long-term care consultation services by 12
1.9to determine the monthly payment and allocating the monthly payment to each nursing
1.10facility based on the number of licensed beds in the nursing facility. Payments to counties
1.11in which there is no certified nursing facility must be made by increasing the payment
1.12rate of the two facilities located nearest to the county seat.
1.13    (b) The commissioner shall include the total annual payment determined under
1.14paragraph (a) for each nursing facility reimbursed under section 256B.431 or 256B.434
1.15according to section 256B.431, subdivision 2b, paragraph (g), or 256B.435, provided
1.16the facility is in full compliance with all requirements. Facilities whose payments to
1.17one or more counties are more than three months in arrears shall have their long-term
1.18care consultation payments from the commissioner withheld, and the commissioner is
1.19authorized to send withheld amounts directly to affected counties
1.20    (c) In the event of the layaway, delicensure and decertification, or removal from
1.21layaway of 25 percent or more of the beds in a facility, the commissioner may adjust
1.22the per diem payment amount in paragraph (b) and may adjust the monthly payment
1.23amount in paragraph (a). The effective date of an adjustment made under this paragraph
1.24shall be on or after the first day of the month following the effective date of the layaway,
1.25delicensure and decertification, or removal from layaway.
1.26    (d) Payments for long-term care consultation services are available to the county
1.27or counties to cover staff salaries and expenses to provide the services described in
2.1subdivision 1a. The county shall employ, or contract with other agencies to employ, within
2.2the limits of available funding, sufficient personnel to provide long-term care consultation
2.3services while meeting the state's long-term care outcomes and objectives as defined in
2.4section 256B.0917, subdivision 1. The county shall be accountable for meeting local
2.5objectives as approved by the commissioner in the biennial home and community-based
2.6services quality assurance plan on a form provided by the commissioner.
2.7    (e) Notwithstanding section 256B.0641, overpayments attributable to payment of the
2.8screening costs under the medical assistance program may not be recovered from a facility.
2.9    (f) The commissioner of human services shall amend the Minnesota medical
2.10assistance plan to include reimbursement for the local consultation teams.
2.11    (g) The county may bill, as case management services, assessments, support
2.12planning, and follow-along provided to persons determined to be eligible for case
2.13management under Minnesota health care programs. No individual or family member
2.14shall be charged for an initial assessment or initial support plan development provided
2.15under subdivision 3a or 3b."
2.16Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.17Amend the title accordingly