1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 1472 as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.3    "Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 245.98, subdivision 2, is amended to read:
1.4    Subd. 2. Program. The commissioner of human services shall establish a program
1.5for the treatment of compulsive gamblers. The commissioner may contract with an
1.6entity with expertise regarding the treatment of compulsive gambling to operate the
1.7program. The program may include the establishment of a statewide toll-free number,
1.8resource library, public education programs; regional in-service training programs and
1.9conferences for health care professionals, educators, treatment providers, employee
1.10assistance programs, and criminal justice representatives; and the establishment of
1.11certification standards for programs and service providers. The commissioner may enter
1.12into agreements with other entities and may employ or contract with consultants to
1.13facilitate the provision of these services or the training of individuals to qualify them to
1.14provide these services. The program may also include inpatient and outpatient treatment
1.15and rehabilitation services and for residents in a temporary or permanent residential
1.16setting for mental health or chemical dependency, and individuals in jails or correctional
1.17facilities. The program may also include research studies. The research studies must
1.18include baseline and prevalence studies for adolescents and adults to identify those at the
1.19highest risk. The program must be approved by the commissioner before it is established.

1.20    Sec. 2. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 245.98, subdivision 5, is amended to read:
1.21    Subd. 5. Standards. The commissioner shall create standards for treatment and
1.22provider qualifications for the treatment component of the compulsive gambling program.
1.23The commissioner, in coordination with the commissioner of corrections, shall create
1.24standards for the assessment and treatment of compulsive gamblers in programs operated
1.25by the commissioner of corrections.

1.26    Sec. 3. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 609.115, subdivision 9, is amended to read:
2.1    Subd. 9. Compulsive gambling assessment required. (a) If a person is convicted
2.2of theft under section 609.52, embezzlement of public funds under section 609.54, or
2.3forgery under section 609.625, 609.63, or 609.631, the probation officer shall determine in
2.4the report prepared under subdivision 1 whether or not compulsive gambling contributed
2.5to the commission of the offense. If so, the report shall contain the results of a compulsive
2.6gambling assessment conducted in accordance with this subdivision. The probation officer
2.7shall make an appointment for the offender to undergo the assessment if so indicated.
2.8    (b) The compulsive gambling assessment report must include a recommended level
2.9of treatment for the offender if the assessor concludes that the offender is in need of
2.10compulsive gambling treatment. The assessment must be conducted by an assessor
2.11qualified under section 245.98, subdivision 2a, to perform these assessments or to
2.12provide compulsive gambling treatment. An assessor providing a compulsive gambling
2.13assessment may not have any direct or shared financial interest or referral relationship
2.14resulting in shared financial gain with a treatment provider. If an independent assessor is
2.15not available, the probation officer may use the services of an assessor with a financial
2.16interest or referral relationship as authorized under rules adopted by the commissioner
2.17of human services under section 245.98, subdivision 2a.
2.18    (c) The commissioner of human services shall reimburse the assessor for the
2.19costs associated with a compulsive gambling assessment at a rate established by the
2.20commissioner up to a maximum of $100 for each assessment. To the extent practicable, the
2.21commissioner shall standardize reimbursement rates for assessments. The commissioner
2.22shall reimburse these costs after receiving written verification from the probation officer
2.23that the assessment was performed and found acceptable.

2.25    Subdivision 1. Report. The commissioner of human services, in consultation with
2.26the state affiliate of the National Council on Problem Gambling, stakeholders, and licensed
2.27vendors, shall prepare a report that provides a process and funding mechanism to study the
2.28issues in subdivisions 2 and 3. The commissioner, in consultation with the state affiliate
2.29of the National Council on Problem Gambling, stakeholders, and licensed vendors, shall
2.30include in the report potential financial commitments made by stakeholders and others, in
2.31order to fund the study. The report is due to the legislative committees having jurisdiction
2.32over compulsive gambling issues by December 1, 2007.
2.33    Subd. 2. Issues to be addressed. The study must address:
2.34    (1) state, local, and tribal government policies and practices in Minnesota to legalize
2.35or prohibit gambling;
3.1    (2) the relationship between gambling and crime in Minnesota, including: (i) the
3.2relationship between gambling and overall crime rates; (ii) the relationship between
3.3gambling and crimes rates for specific crimes, such as forgery, domestic abuse, child
3.4neglect and abuse, alcohol and drug offenses, and youth crime; and (iii) enforcement
3.5and regulation practices that are intended to address the relationship between gambling
3.6and levels of crime;
3.7    (3) the relationship between expanded gambling and increased rates of problem
3.8gambling in Minnesota, including the impact of pathological or problem gambling on
3.9individuals, families, businesses, social institutions, and the economy;
3.10    (4) the social impact of gambling on individuals, families, businesses, and social
3.11institutions in Minnesota, including an analysis of the relationship between gambling and
3.12depression, abuse, divorce, homelessness, suicide, and bankruptcy;
3.13    (5) the economic impact of gambling on state, local, and tribal economies in
3.14Minnesota; and
3.15    (6) any other issues deemed necessary in assessing the social and economic impact
3.16of gambling in Minnesota.
3.17    Subd. 3. Quantification of social and economic impact. The study shall quantify
3.18the social and economic impact on both (1) state, local, and tribal governments in
3.19Minnesota, and (2) Minnesota's communities and social institutions, including individuals,
3.20families, and businesses within those communities and institutions.

3.21    Sec. 5. APPROPRIATION.
3.22    Subdivision 1. Compulsive gambling. $300,000 in fiscal year 2008 is appropriated
3.23from the lottery prize fund to the commissioner of human services for purposes of
3.24compulsive gambling education, assessment, and treatment under Minnesota Statutes,
3.25section 245.98.
3.26    Subd. 2. Study on the effectiveness of compulsive gambling treatment. $100,000
3.27in fiscal year 2008 is appropriated to the commissioner of human services to continue the
3.28study currently being done on compulsive gambling treatment effectiveness and long-term
3.29effects of gambling."
3.30Amend the title accordingly