1.1    .................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2100, the division report DH2100CR1,
1.2as follows:
1.3Page 1, line 12, after "a product" insert ", other than a food product contained in a
1.4can, except in those used for infant formulas,"
1.5Page 1, delete lines 26 and 27
1.6Page 2, delete lines 1 to 5
1.7Page 2, line 6, delete "Subd. 2. Prohibition."
1.8Page 2, line 7, after the period insert "For purposes of this section, "bisphenol-A"
1.9means an estrogen-mimicking endocrine disrupting chemical used in the production of
1.10epoxy resins and polycarbonate plastics."
1.11Page 2, delete lines 10 to 15
1.12Page 2, line 16, delete "Subd. 2. Prohibition."
1.13Page 2, line 17, after "contains" insert "one of the following phthalates:"
1.14Page 2, line 18, after "BBP" insert a comma
1.15Page 2, line 22, after "contains" insert "one of the following phthalates:"
1.16Page 2, line 22, after "DNOP" insert a comma
1.17Page 2, after line 22, insert "(c) For purposes of this section, "phthalates" means a
1.18class of chemicals used to provide flexibility to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic."