1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 2227, the delete everything amendment,
1.2as follows:
1.3Page ...., after line ...., insert:

1.6    (a) The commissioners of agriculture and health must study the development
1.7and implementation of a new category of license for commercial pesticide applicators
1.8who apply antimicrobial pesticides for hire to mitigate or remediate mold in homes,
1.9apartments, or other residences. The commissioners must seek and obtain consultation
1.10with representatives of the University of Minnesota qualified in mold and other fungal
1.11microbe pest control. They shall prepare a report which must include:
1.12    (1) a discussion of existing federal and state laws and rules, if any, that govern
1.13commercial residential antimicrobial pesticide mold control applicators;
1.14    (2) a literature review on the need for, and efficacy of, antimicrobial pesticides used
1.15in residential settings for mold control and any potential dangers posed by the residential
1.16application of these products, particularly to young children and other sensitive persons;
1.17    (3) a survey of the law and process, if any, for licensing commercial residential
1.18antimicrobial pesticide mold control applicators in the rest of the United States; and
1.19    (4) recommended procedures for licensing prospective residential antimicrobial
1.20pesticide mold control applicators in Minnesota, highlighting provisions that test the
1.21applicant's understanding of the efficacy of antimicrobial pesticides and methods for
1.22mitigating any potential dangers discovered in the review required in clause (2).
1.23    (b) No later than December 1, 2007, the commissioners shall report the results of
1.24the study described in paragraph (a) and an implementation plan to the house and senate
1.25committees with jurisdiction over agricultural policy and finance and environmental