1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 2241, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H2241DE2), as follows:
1.3Page 1, line 9, delete "24,726,000" and insert "24,725,000" and delete "48,951,000"
1.4and insert "48,950,000"
1.5Page 1, line 11, delete "25,476,000" and insert "25,475,000"
1.6Page 1, line 26, delete "25,476,000" and insert "25,475,000"
1.7Page 2, line 3, delete "24,726,000" and insert "24,725,000"
1.8Page 4, line 22, delete "81,766,000" and insert "81,865,000" and delete "75,602,000"
1.9and insert "75,503,000"
1.10Page 4, line 23, delete "26,517,000" and insert "26,542,000" and delete "27,284,000"
1.11and insert "27,333,000" and delete "53,801,000" and insert "53,875,000"
1.12Page 4, after line 26, insert
"Environmental Fund
1.14Page 4, line 27, delete "123,581,000" and insert "123,705,000" and delete
1.15"118,904,000" and insert "118,854,000" and delete "242,485,000" and insert
1.17Page 5, line 6, delete "123,581,000" and insert "123,705,000" and delete
1.18"118,904,000" and insert "118,854,000"
1.19Page 5, line 9, delete "81,766,000" and insert "81,865,000" and delete "75,602,000"
1.20and insert "75,503,000"
1.21Page 5, line 11, delete "26,433,000" and insert "26,542,000" and delete "27,145,000"
1.22and insert "27,333,000"
1.23Page 5, after line 13, insert:
1.26Page 5, line 22, delete "5,088,000" and insert "8,667,000"
1.27Page 5, line 23, delete "5,423,000" and insert "9,002,000"
2.1Page 5, after line 31, insert
2.2"TANF Carryforward. Any unexpended
2.3balance of the TANF appropriation in the
2.4first year of the biennium does not cancel but
2.5is available for the second year."
2.6Page 7, delete lines 11 to 16 and 25 to 32
2.7Page 8, delete lines 1 to 5
2.8Page 10, after line 29, insert:
2.9"Cancer Surveillance. $948,000 in the first
2.10year is for a cancer surveillance pilot project
2.11integrating information about environmental
2.12exposure to toxic substances into the cancer
2.13surveillance system. The pilot shall include,
2.14with the patient's informed consent, a
2.15residential, occupational, and military history
2.16since childhood, as well as an interview
2.17about possible exposures to toxic substances
2.18in the environment. The commissioner
2.19shall report to the legislature by January
2.2015, 2009, regarding preliminary findings,
2.21recommendations, and a cost estimate for
2.22collecting risk information on a statewide
2.23basis. The commissioner may spend these
2.24funds in either year of the biennium. This is
2.25a onetime appropriation."
2.26Page 10, after line 29, insert:
"Subd. 3.Policy Quality and Compliance
Appropriations by Fund
2.32Page 13, delete lines 9 to 23
2.33Page 13, after line 28, insert:
2.34"HIV Information. $80,000 each year
2.35is to fund a community-based nonprofit
3.1organization with demonstrated capacity to
3.2operate a statewide HIV information and
3.3referral service using telephone, Internet, and
3.4other appropriate technologies.
3.5Lead Hazard Reduction. $250,000 is
3.6appropriated in the first year of the biennium
3.7for a grant to a nonprofit organization
3.8operating the CLEARCorps to conduct a
3.9pilot project to determine the incidence of
3.10lead hazards in pre-1978 rental property.
3.11Any balance in the first year does not cancel
3.12but is available in the second year.
3.13Minnesota Birth Defects Information
3.14System. $750,000 each year is to maintain
3.15the birth defects information system that was
3.16established by Minnesota Statutes, section
3.18Page 14, line 7, delete "2" and insert "2a"
3.19Page 14, after line 7, insert:
3.20"TANF Carryforward. Any unexpended
3.21balance of the TANF appropriation in the
3.22first year of the biennium does not cancel but
3.23is available for the second year."
3.24Page 14, line 10, delete "11,059,000" and insert "11,047,000" and delete
3.25"11,221,000" and insert "11,197,000"
3.26Page 14, delete line 11
3.27Page 22, after line 5, insert:
3.29    This section is effective July 1, 2008."
3.30Page 23, line 8, delete "$81" and insert "$101"
3.31Page 63, line 27, delete "66,146,000" and insert "67,896,000" and delete
3.32"50,790,000" and insert "49,040,000"
3.33Page 63, line 29, delete "69,221,000" and insert "70,971,000" and delete
3.34"53,865,000" and insert "52,115,000"
4.1Page 64, line 9, delete "69,221,000" and insert "70,971,000" and delete "53,865,000"
4.2and insert "52,115,000"
4.3Page 64, line 12, delete "66,146,000" and insert "67,896,000" and delete
4.4"50,790,000" and insert "49,040,000"
4.5Page 65, line 6, delete "17,808,000" and insert "21,308,000"
4.6Page 66, line 6, delete "5,150,000" and insert "3,400,000" and delete "5,150,000"
4.7and insert "3,400,000"
4.8Page 66, line 11, delete everything after the period
4.9Page 66, delete lines 12 and 13
4.10Page 69, delete "$6,30,000" and insert "$6,300,000"
4.11Page 70, after line 9, insert:

4.12    "Sec. 4. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 462A.21, subdivision 8b, is amended to read:
4.13    Subd. 8b. Family rental housing. It may establish a family rental housing
4.14assistance program to provide loans or direct rental subsidies for housing for families
4.15with incomes of up to 80 percent of state median income, or to provide grants for the
4.16operating cost of public housing. Priority must be given to those developments with
4.17resident families with the lowest income. The development may be financed by the
4.18agency or other public or private lenders. Direct rental subsidies must be administered by
4.19the agency for the benefit of eligible families. Financial assistance provided under this
4.20subdivision to recipients of aid to families with dependent children must be in the form
4.21of vendor payments whenever possible. Loans, grants, and direct rental subsidies under
4.22this subdivision may be made only with specific appropriations by the legislature. The
4.23limitations on eligible mortgagors contained in section 462A.03, subdivision 13, do not
4.24apply to loans for the rehabilitation of existing housing under this subdivision.

4.25    Sec. 5. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 462A.33, subdivision 3, is amended to read:
4.26    Subd. 3. Contribution requirement. Fifty percent of the funds appropriated for
4.27this section must be used for challenge grants or loans which meet the requirements of this
4.28subdivision for housing proposals with financial or in-kind contributions from nonstate
4.29resources that reduce the need for deferred loan or grant funds from state resources. These
4.30Challenge grants or loans must be used for economically viable homeownership or rental
4.31housing proposals that:
4.32    (1) include a financial or in-kind contribution from an area employer and either a unit
4.33of local government or a private philanthropic, religious, or charitable organization; and
4.34    (2) address the housing needs of the local work force.
4.35    Among comparable proposals, preference shall be given to proposals that include
4.36contributions from nonstate resources for the greatest portion of the total development
5.1cost. Comparable proposals with contributions from local units of government or private
5.2philanthropic, religious, or charitable organizations shall be given preference in awarding
5.3grants or loans.
5.4    For the purpose of this subdivision, an employer a contribution may consist partially
5.5or wholly of the premium paid for federal housing tax credits.
5.6    Preference for grants and loans shall also be given to comparable proposals that
5.7include a financial or in-kind contribution from a unit of local government, an area
5.8employer, and a private philanthropic, religious, or charitable organization."