1.1    .................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2859 as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.4    The sums shown in the column under "Appropriations" are appropriated from the
1.5bond proceeds fund, or another named fund, to the state agencies or officials indicated,
1.6to be spent for public purposes. Appropriations of bond proceeds must be spent as
1.7authorized by the Minnesota Constitution, article XI, section 5, paragraph (a), to acquire
1.8and better public land and buildings and other public improvements of a capital nature, or
1.9as authorized by the Minnesota Constitution, article XI, section 5, paragraphs (b) to (j), or
1.10article XIV. Unless otherwise specified, the appropriations in this act are available until
1.11the project is completed or abandoned subject to Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.642.

1.12    Sec. 2. PRIORITIES.
1.13    Subdivision 1. General. The Public Safety Finance Division of the House Finance
1.14Committee prioritizes the appropriations in this act as provided in this section.
1.15    Subd. 2. High priorities. The division finds the following projects as most
1.16deserving of funding:
1.17    Minnesota Correctional Facility - Faribault: Phase III Expansion;
1.18    Department of Corrections: Asset Preservation;
1.19    Public Safety Training Center - Camp Ripley; and
1.20    Southeastern Minnesota Regional Public Safety Training Center - Rochester.
1.21    Subd. 3. Ranking of additional public safety projects. To the extent funds are
1.22available, the division recommends funding the following projects in the order listed
1.24    (1) Minnesota Correctional Facility - Red Wing: Vocational Education Building;
1.25    (2) Public Safety Technology and Support Center - Dakota County;
2.1    (3) Public Safety Training Center - Scott County;
2.2    (4) Emergency Training Center - Gonvick;
2.3    (5) Emergency Operations Center - Minneapolis;
2.4    (6) Tactical Training Center - Annandale;
2.5    (7) Northern Minnesota Regional Training Center - Grand Rapids;
2.6    (8) Minnesota Emergency Response and Industrial Training (MERIT) Regional
2.7Training Center - Marshall;
2.8    (9) Public Safety and Regional Emergency Operations Center - Northfield;
2.9    (10) Forensic Crime Lab - Anoka County;
2.10    (11) Forensic Crime Lab - Minneapolis; and
2.11    (12) Joint Public Safety Building - Princeton.
2.12    Subd. 4. No Recommendation. The division makes no recommendation on the
2.13following project:
2.14    Minnesota Correctional Facility - Shakopee: Perimeter Security Fence.

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
2.17To the commissioner of administration for
2.18the purposes specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Asset Preservation
2.20For improvements and betterments of a
2.21capital nature at Minnesota correctional
2.22facilities statewide, in accordance with
2.23Minnesota Statutes, section 16B.307.
Subd. 3.Minnesota Correctional Facility -
Faribault: Phase III Expansion
2.26To design, construct, furnish, and equip
2.27phase 3 of the expansion of the Minnesota
2.28correctional facility at Faribault. This project
2.29is a continuation of the expansion of the
2.30Faribault facility to deal with the increasing
2.31male offender population. It includes an
2.32intake/receiving/warehouse/watch security
2.33center building and demolition of two
2.34housing units.
Subd. 4.Minnesota Correctional Facility - Red
Wing: Vocational Education Building
3.3To complete design for and to construct,
3.4furnish, and equip a new vocational education
3.5building with a combined classroom and
3.6shop complex at the Minnesota Correctional
3.7Facility - Red Wing.
Subd. 5.Minnesota Correctional Facility -
Shakopee: Perimeter Security Fence
3.10To design a perimeter security fence system
3.11at the Minnesota Correctional Facility -

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
3.15To the commissioner of administration
3.16or other named agency for the purposes
3.17specified in this section.
Subd. 2.Public Safety Training Center - Camp
3.20To predesign, design, and construct phase 1
3.21of a tier-3 homeland security and emergency
3.22management training and exercise center at
3.23Camp Ripley, which includes a classroom
3.24facility and several facilities for field
3.25response training.
3.26Non-military public safety personnel from
3.27Minnesota must be given priority access
3.28to the training facilities. Any fees charged
3.29to non-military public safety personnel
3.30from Minnesota or their employers may not
3.31exceed the fees charged to military personnel
3.32and units that use the facilities.
Subd. 3.Southeastern Minnesota Regional
Public Safety Training Center - Olmstead
4.4To the commissioner of public safety
4.5for a grant to Olmsted County to design,
4.6construct, furnish, and equip the Southeastern
4.7Minnesota Regional Public Safety Training
4.8Center in Olmsted County. The facility
4.9must include a live burn training simulator
4.10adjacent to the existing National Guard
4.11facility, a driving range, and a weapons
4.12training facility.
4.13This appropriation is not available until the
4.14commissioner has determined that at least
4.15an equal amount has been committed to the
4.16project from nonstate sources.
Subd. 4.Public Safety Technology and Support
Center - Dakota County
4.19To the commissioner of public safety for a
4.20grant to Dakota County to design, construct,
4.21furnish, and equip a countywide public
4.22safety technology and support center. This
4.23appropriation is not available until the
4.24commissioner of finance determines that at
4.25least an equal amount is committed to the
4.26project from nonstate sources.
Subd. 5.Public Safety Training Center - Scott
4.29To the commissioner of public safety for
4.30a grant to Scott County for design and
4.31construction of a regional public safety
4.32training center in Scott County.
4.33No portion of these funds may be used to
4.34construct training facilities that currently
4.35exist, and are available to state and local
5.1public safety professionals, within a 30-mile
5.2radius of the grounds of the public safety
5.3training center.
Subd. 6.Emergency Training Center - Gonvick
5.5To the commissioner of public safety for a
5.6grant to the city of Gonvick for predesign of
5.7a regional emergency training administration
5.8center in Gonvick.
Subd. 7.Emergency Operations Center -
5.11To the commissioner of public safety for a
5.12grant to the city of Minneapolis to design,
5.13construct, furnish, and equip improvements
5.14including an emergency operations center to
5.15the city's existing fire training center.
Subd. 8.Tactical Training Center - Annandale
5.17To the commissioner of public safety
5.18for a grant to the city of Annandale to
5.19predesign, design, construct, furnish, and
5.20equip improvements in the tactical training
5.21center, including improvements to the indoor
5.22live fire shoothouse for air quality and noise
5.23mitigation, a steel breaching door, moving
5.24target systems within the shoothouse and
5.25outdoor range, and a 40-foot rappelling tower
5.26for high angle fire, rescue, and police tactical
Subd. 9.Northern Minnesota Regional
Training Center - Grand Rapids
5.30To the commissioner of public safety for
5.31a grant to the city of Grand Rapids to
5.32predesign, design, construct, furnish, and
5.33equip a new fire and hazardous response
5.34team facility in Grand Rapids.
Subd. 10.Minnesota Emergency Response
and Industrial Training (MERIT) Regional
Training Center - Marshall
6.4To the commissioner of public safety for a
6.5grant to the city of Marshall to predesign,
6.6design, construct, furnish, and equip Phase II
6.7of the Minnesota Emergency Response and
6.8Industry Training (MERIT) Center, including
6.9a wind energy training area, an ethanol fuels
6.10training area, a multi-use single-story office,
6.11a classroom and simulator building, and
6.12other training facilities.
Subd. 11.Public Safety and Regional
Emergency Operations Center - Northfield
6.15To the commissioner of public safety for
6.16a grant to the city of Northfield to acquire
6.17land for and to predesign, design, construct,
6.18furnish, and equip a public safety and
6.19regional emergency operations center. This
6.20appropriation is not available until the
6.21commissioner of finance has determined that
6.22at least $3,960,000 has been committed to
6.23the project from nonstate funds.
Subd. 12.Forensic Crime Lab - Anoka County
6.25To the commissioner of public safety for a
6.26grant to Anoka County to design, construct,
6.27furnish, and equip a regional forensic crime
6.28laboratory, for the use of Anoka, Sherburne,
6.29and Wright Counties, to be located in Anoka
6.30County. This appropriation is contingent on
6.31a three-to-one local match.
6.32Anoka County may not hire scientists who
6.33are working for the Bureau of Criminal
6.34Apprehension to staff the county's crime lab.
Subd. 13.Forensic Crime Lab - Minneapolis
7.1To the commissioner of public safety for a
7.2grant to the city of Minneapolis to acquire
7.3land for, predesign, and design a forensic
7.4crime laboratory in Minneapolis.
Subd. 14.Joint Public Safety Building -
7.7To the commissioner of public safety for
7.8a grant to the city of Princeton to design,
7.9construct, furnish, and equip a regional
7.10public safety facility in Princeton.
Subd. 15.Crime Labs Strategic Plan
7.12The Commissioner of Public Safety must
7.13develop a long-term strategic plan for
7.14maintenance and staffing of existing state
7.15and regional crime labs and creation,
7.16maintenance, and staffing of new regional
7.17and local crime labs. The strategic plan must
7.18include, but is not limited to, the following:
7.19(1) an assessment and explanation of the
7.20state's crime lab needs, including the need
7.21for additional regional or local crime labs;
7.22(2) specific recommendations for additional
7.23regional or local crime labs, including
7.24recommendations for locations for new
7.25labs, and a ranking of the specific regions,
7.26counties, or cities that need a crime lab in
7.27order of urgency;
7.28(3) a long-range plan for the training of
7.29state crime lab employees, including the
7.30possibility of sharing employee training costs
7.31with users of the state lab or entities that
7.32operate regional or local labs;
8.1(4) a long-range funding plan for the state
8.2crime lab and state owned regional labs;
8.3(5) an assessment of the state crime lab's
8.4response times and specific recommendations
8.5for improving the lab's response time; and
8.6(6) specific, clearly stated steps for
8.7implementing the strategic plan.
8.8The commissioner must submit the strategic
8.9plan, as a recommendation, to the House of
8.10Representatives and Senate committees with
8.11responsibility for public safety finance by
8.12February 1, 2009.

8.14    To provide the money appropriated in this act from the bond proceeds fund, the
8.15commissioner of finance shall sell and issue bonds of the state in an amount up to
8.16$86,036,000 in the manner, upon the terms, and with the effect prescribed by Minnesota
8.17Statutes, sections 16A.631 to 16A.675, and by the Minnesota Constitution, article XI,
8.18sections 4 to 7.

8.19    Sec. 6. EFFECTIVE DATE.
8.20    Except as otherwise provided, this act is effective the day following final enactment."
8.21Amend the title accordingly