1.1    .................... moves to amend H. F. No. 3195, the second engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 2, line 8, delete everything after "commerce"
1.3Page 2, line 9, delete everything before "shall"
1.4Page 5, delete everything after "(a)" and insert "The commissioner of commerce
1.5may assess up to $500,000 under section 216B.62. The amount of the assessment is
1.6appropriated to the commissioner of commerce for the purposes stated in paragraphs (b)
1.7and (c). The assessment is not subject to the cap on assessments provided under section
1.8216B.62 or any other law.
1.9    (b) The commissioner of commerce may transfer up to $150,000 of the amount
1.10appropriated under paragraph (a) to the Board of Regents of the"
1.12Page 5, delete line 17 and insert "(c) The commissioner of commerce may use up to
1.13$350,000 of the amount appropriated under paragraph (a)"