1.1    .................... moves to amend H.F. No. 3539 as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.3    "Section 1. Minnesota Statutes 2006, section 144.551, subdivision 1, is amended to
1.5    Subdivision 1. Restricted construction or modification. (a) The following
1.6construction or modification may not be commenced:
1.7    (1) any erection, building, alteration, reconstruction, modernization, improvement,
1.8extension, lease, or other acquisition by or on behalf of a hospital that increases the bed
1.9capacity of a hospital, relocates hospital beds from one physical facility, complex, or site
1.10to another, or otherwise results in an increase or redistribution of hospital beds within
1.11the state; and
1.12    (2) the establishment of a new hospital.
1.13    (b) This section does not apply to:
1.14    (1) construction or relocation within a county by a hospital, clinic, or other health
1.15care facility that is a national referral center engaged in substantial programs of patient
1.16care, medical research, and medical education meeting state and national needs that
1.17receives more than 40 percent of its patients from outside the state of Minnesota;
1.18    (2) a project for construction or modification for which a health care facility held
1.19an approved certificate of need on May 1, 1984, regardless of the date of expiration of
1.20the certificate;
1.21    (3) a project for which a certificate of need was denied before July 1, 1990, if a
1.22timely appeal results in an order reversing the denial;
1.23    (4) a project exempted from certificate of need requirements by Laws 1981, chapter
1.24200, section 2;
1.25    (5) a project involving consolidation of pediatric specialty hospital services within
1.26the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area that would not result in a net increase in the
1.27number of pediatric specialty hospital beds among the hospitals being consolidated;
2.1    (6) a project involving the temporary relocation of pediatric-orthopedic hospital
2.2beds to an existing licensed hospital that will allow for the reconstruction of a new
2.3philanthropic, pediatric-orthopedic hospital on an existing site and that will not result in a
2.4net increase in the number of hospital beds. Upon completion of the reconstruction,
2.5the licenses of both hospitals must be reinstated at the capacity that existed on each site
2.6before the relocation;
2.7    (7) the relocation or redistribution of hospital beds within a hospital building or
2.8identifiable complex of buildings provided the relocation or redistribution does not result
2.9in: (i) an increase in the overall bed capacity at that site; (ii) relocation of hospital beds
2.10from one physical site or complex to another; or (iii) redistribution of hospital beds within
2.11the state or a region of the state;
2.12    (8) relocation or redistribution of hospital beds within a hospital corporate system
2.13that involves the transfer of beds from a closed facility site or complex to an existing site
2.14or complex provided that: (i) no more than 50 percent of the capacity of the closed facility
2.15is transferred; (ii) the capacity of the site or complex to which the beds are transferred
2.16does not increase by more than 50 percent; (iii) the beds are not transferred outside of a
2.17federal health systems agency boundary in place on July 1, 1983; and (iv) the relocation or
2.18redistribution does not involve the construction of a new hospital building;
2.19    (9) a construction project involving up to 35 new beds in a psychiatric hospital in
2.20Rice County that primarily serves adolescents and that receives more than 70 percent of its
2.21patients from outside the state of Minnesota;
2.22    (10) a project to replace a hospital or hospitals with a combined licensed capacity
2.23of 130 beds or less if: (i) the new hospital site is located within five miles of the current
2.24site; and (ii) the total licensed capacity of the replacement hospital, either at the time of
2.25construction of the initial building or as the result of future expansion, will not exceed 70
2.26licensed hospital beds, or the combined licensed capacity of the hospitals, whichever is
2.28    (11) the relocation of licensed hospital beds from an existing state facility operated
2.29by the commissioner of human services to a new or existing facility, building, or complex
2.30operated by the commissioner of human services; from one regional treatment center
2.31site to another; or from one building or site to a new or existing building or site on the
2.32same campus;
2.33    (12) the construction or relocation of hospital beds operated by a hospital having a
2.34statutory obligation to provide hospital and medical services for the indigent that does not
2.35result in a net increase in the number of hospital beds, notwithstanding section 144.552, 27
3.1beds, of which 12 serve mental health needs, may be transferred from Hennepin County
3.2Medical Center to Regions Hospital under this clause;
3.3    (13) a construction project involving the addition of up to 31 new beds in an existing
3.4nonfederal hospital in Beltrami County;
3.5    (14) a construction project involving the addition of up to eight new beds in an
3.6existing nonfederal hospital in Otter Tail County with 100 licensed acute care beds;
3.7    (15) a construction project involving the addition of 20 new hospital beds
3.8used for rehabilitation services in an existing hospital in Carver County serving the
3.9southwest suburban metropolitan area. Beds constructed under this clause shall not be
3.10eligible for reimbursement under medical assistance, general assistance medical care,
3.11or MinnesotaCare;
3.12    (16) a project for the construction or relocation of up to 20 hospital beds for the
3.13operation of up to two psychiatric facilities or units for children provided that the operation
3.14of the facilities or units have received the approval of the commissioner of human services;
3.15    (17) a project involving the addition of 14 new hospital beds to be used for
3.16rehabilitation services in an existing hospital in Itasca County;
3.17    (18) a project to add 20 licensed beds in existing space at a hospital in Hennepin
3.18County that closed 20 rehabilitation beds in 2002, provided that the beds are used only
3.19for rehabilitation in the hospital's current rehabilitation building. If the beds are used for
3.20another purpose or moved to another location, the hospital's licensed capacity is reduced
3.21by 20 beds;
3.22    (19) a critical access hospital established under section 144.1483, clause (9), and
3.23section 1820 of the federal Social Security Act, United States Code, title 42, section
3.241395i-4, that delicensed beds since enactment of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, Public
3.25Law 105-33, to the extent that the critical access hospital does not seek to exceed the
3.26maximum number of beds permitted such hospital under federal law;
3.27    (20) notwithstanding section 144.552, a project for the construction of a new hospital
3.28in the city of Maple Grove with a licensed capacity of up to 300 beds provided that:
3.29    (i) the project, including each hospital or health system that will own or control the
3.30entity that will hold the new hospital license, is approved by a resolution of the Maple
3.31Grove City Council as of March 1, 2006;
3.32    (ii) the entity that will hold the new hospital license will be owned or controlled by
3.33one or more not-for-profit hospitals or health systems that have previously submitted a
3.34plan or plans for a project in Maple Grove as required under section 144.552, and the
3.35plan or plans have been found to be in the public interest by the commissioner of health
3.36as of April 1, 2005;
4.1    (iii) the new hospital's initial inpatient services must include, but are not limited
4.2to, medical and surgical services, obstetrical and gynecological services, intensive
4.3care services, orthopedic services, pediatric services, noninvasive cardiac diagnostics,
4.4behavioral health services, and emergency room services;
4.5    (iv) the new hospital:
4.6    (A) will have the ability to provide and staff sufficient new beds to meet the growing
4.7needs of the Maple Grove service area and the surrounding communities currently being
4.8served by the hospital or health system that will own or control the entity that will hold
4.9the new hospital license;
4.10    (B) will provide uncompensated care;
4.11    (C) will provide mental health services, including inpatient beds;
4.12    (D) will be a site for workforce development for a broad spectrum of
4.13health-care-related occupations and have a commitment to providing clinical training
4.14programs for physicians and other health care providers;
4.15    (E) will demonstrate a commitment to quality care and patient safety;
4.16    (F) will have an electronic medical records system, including physician order entry;
4.17    (G) will provide a broad range of senior services;
4.18    (H) will provide emergency medical services that will coordinate care with regional
4.19providers of trauma services and licensed emergency ambulance services in order to
4.20enhance the continuity of care for emergency medical patients; and
4.21    (I) will be completed by December 31, 2009, unless delayed by circumstances
4.22beyond the control of the entity holding the new hospital license; and
4.23    (v) as of 30 days following submission of a written plan, the commissioner of health
4.24has not determined that the hospitals or health systems that will own or control the entity
4.25that will hold the new hospital license are unable to meet the criteria of this clause;
4.26    (21) a project approved under section 144.553;
4.27    (22) a project for the construction of a hospital with up to 25 beds in Cass County
4.28within a 20-mile radius of the state Ah-Gwah-Ching facility, provided the hospital's
4.29license holder is approved by the Cass County Board; or
4.30    (23) a project for an acute care hospital in Fergus Falls that will increase the bed
4.31capacity from 108 to 110 beds by increasing the rehabilitation bed capacity from 14 to 16
4.32and closing a separately licensed 13-bed skilled nursing facility.
4.33    (24) a project for construction of a specialty psychiatric hospital in the city of
4.34Woodbury for up to 144 beds, provided:
4.35    (1) the hospital shall be subject to the Federal Emergency Medical Treatment and
4.36Active Labor Act;
5.1    (2) the hospital must take admissions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year when beds
5.2are available; and
5.3    (3) for a period of two years following enactment, the hospital shall not hire any
5.4psychiatrist who is a full-time employee of a Twin Cities metropolitan hospital practice
5.5inpatient psychiatry. This clause shall not apply to residents or other psychiatrist in
5.6training programs."