1.1    .................... moves to amend the delete everything amendment (A08-1343) to H.
1.2F. No. 3800, as follows:
1.3Page 43, after line 18, insert:

1.5    (a) By February 1, 2009, the commissioner of public safety shall submit a proposal
1.6to the chairs and ranking minority members of the senate and house of representatives
1.7committees with jurisdiction over transportation finance. The proposal must identify a
1.8method that allows the Department of Public Safety, its deputy registrars, and driver's
1.9license agents to collect by credit or debit card, motor vehicle registration taxes under
1.10Minnesota Statutes, section 168.013; motor vehicle certificates of title and related
1.11document fees under Minnesota Statutes, section 168A.29; motor vehicle sales tax under
1.12Minnesota Statutes, sections 297B.02 and 297B.025; and, driver's license and Minnesota
1.13identification card fees under Minnesota Statutes, section 171.06.
1.14    (b) The proposal must identify the total estimated statewide cost of the processing
1.15fees paid to either a vendor, financial institution, or credit card company. The proposal
1.16must consider options to finance the acceptance fees through either (1) state fee increases
1.17necessary to finance (i) the costs of credit and debit card processing fees paid to a
1.18processing vendor, (ii) the administrative costs of the department to implement the
1.19acceptance of credit and debit cards, including hardware and software costs of the
1.20department, its deputy registrars, and agents, and (iii) associated ongoing administrative
1.21cost increases, or (2) an agreement with a vendor that allows the addition of a convenience
1.22fee to each transaction to be paid directly by customers who choose to utilize credit or
1.23debit cards.
1.24    (c) The commissioner of public safety, with the assistance of the commissioners of
1.25finance and administration, shall develop a request for proposals from vendors, to be
1.26issued by August 1, 2009, to implement the acceptance of credit and debit payments
1.27by the Department of Public Safety, its deputy registrars, and agents. The department
2.1shall consult deputy registrars and driver's license agents in developing the request for
2.3Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references