1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 357, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 1, line 15, delete everything after "generation" and insert a period
1.3Page 1, delete line 16
1.4Page 2, delete section 3 and insert:

1.5    "Sec. 3. Minnesota Statutes 2008, section 216B.1612, subdivision 5, is amended to
1.7    Subd. 5. Priority for C-BED projects. (a) A utility subject to section 216B.1691,
1.8except a municipal utility or a cooperative association, that needs to construct new
1.9generation, or purchase the output from new generation, as part of its plan to satisfy
1.10its good faith objective and standard under that section must take reasonable steps to
1.11determine if one or more C-BED projects are available that meet the utility's cost and
1.12reliability requirements, applying standard reliability criteria, to fulfill some or all of the
1.13identified need at minimal impact to customer rates.
1.14Nothing in this section shall be construed to obligate a utility to enter into a power
1.15purchase agreement under a C-BED tariff developed under this section.
1.16    (b) Between the effective date of this section and December 31, 2010, utilities, as
1.17defined in section 216B.169, subdivision 1, paragraph (a), but not including a municipal
1.18utility or cooperative electric association, must purchase or contract to purchase energy
1.19from a sufficient number of renewable energy projects with a nameplate capacity of five
1.20megawatts or less so as to total at least 200 megawatts in the aggregate. Such projects must
1.21meet the eligibility requirements for a renewable energy incentive under the American
1.22Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the federal Rural Energy for America Program,
1.23or other renewable energy incentive program. During that period, public utilities must
1.24undertake such projects in approximate proportion to their share of the electrical energy
1.25generated within this state. This requirement shall not prevent a public utility from
1.26developing or acquiring electrical energy from other sources either within or outside the
1.27state regardless of whether such sources use renewable energy.
2.1    (b) (c) Each utility shall include in its resource plan submitted under section
2.2216B.2422 a description of its efforts to purchase energy from C-BED projects, including
2.3a list of the projects under contract and the amount of C-BED energy purchased.
2.4    (c) (d) The commission shall consider the efforts and activities of a utility to
2.5purchase energy from C-BED projects when evaluating its good faith effort towards
2.6meeting the renewable energy objective under section 216B.1691.
2.7    (d) (e) A municipal power agency or generation and transmission cooperative shall,
2.8when issuing a request for proposals for C-BED projects to satisfy its standard obligation
2.9under section 216B.1691, provide notice to its member distribution utilities that they
2.10may propose, in partnership with other qualifying owners, a C-BED project for the
2.11consideration of the municipal power agency or generation and transmission cooperative.
2.12EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."
2.13Page 2, line 3, after "value" insert "rate"
2.14Page 2, line 4, after "(MISO)" insert "Minnesota Hub"
2.15Page 4, delete section 5 and insert:

2.16    "Sec. 5. [216B.1613] STANDARDIZED C-BED CONTRACT.
2.17    Within 60 days of the effective date of this section, each utility, as defined in
2.18section 216B.169, subdivision 1, paragraph (a), but not including a municipal utility or
2.19cooperative electric association, shall file with the commission a standardized contract
2.20form for the purchase of electricity from C-BED projects of five megawatts and less.
2.21That standardized contract form shall be similar in all material respects to the standard
2.22contract form previously filed with the commission under section 216B.2423, subdivision
2.233, including any revisions to that contract on file with the commission as of the effective
2.24date of this section. After consultation with wind developers and producers, a utility
2.25governed by this section may modify the standardized contract currently on file prior to
2.26the utility submitting its standard contract form to the commission, if the modifications are
2.27reasonably necessary to account for circumstances that are unique to that particular utility.
2.28EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."