1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 929 as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.4    Subdivision 1. Definitions. (a) For the purposes of this section, the following terms
1.5have the meanings given them.
1.6(b) "Eligible property" means real property that is not residential and includes the
1.7nonresidential portion of real property that has more than one use.
1.8(c) "Governing body" means the Minnetonka City Council.
1.9(d) "Improvements" means construction, reconstruction, and facility upgrades
1.11(1) right-of-way acquisition for roads and streets;
1.12(2) paving;
1.13(3) curbs and gutters;
1.14(4) bridges and culverts and their repair;
1.15(5) milling;
1.16(6) overlaying;
1.17(7) drainage and storm sewers;
1.18(8) excavation;
1.19(9) base work;
1.20(10) subgrade corrections;
1.21(11) street lighting;
1.22(12) traffic signals;
1.23(13) signage;
1.24(14) sidewalks;
1.25(15) pavement markings;
1.26(16) boulevard and easement restoration;
1.27(17) impact mitigation;
2.1(18) reconstruction, connection, and reconnection of utilities;
2.2(19) turn lanes;
2.3(20) medians;
2.4(21) street and alley returns;
2.5(22) retaining walls;
2.6(23) fences; or
2.7(24) lane additions.
2.8(e) "Municipal street" means a street, alley, or public way in which the municipality
2.9has powers conferred by section 429.021, or for which the municipality will contribute
2.10funds to the state of Minnesota, Hennepin County, or adjoining municipalities.
2.11(f) "Municipality" means the city of Minnetonka.
2.12(g) "Street improvement district" means a geographic area designated by the
2.13municipality within which street improvement and maintenance may be undertaken and
2.14financed according to this section.
2.15    Subd. 2. Establishment of district. The municipality may, by ordinance, establish
2.16a municipal street improvement district defined by the area bounded by: Smetana Road
2.17on the north, marked Trunk Highway 169 on the east, marked Trunk Highway 62 on the
2.18south, and Shady Oak Road on the west.
2.19    Subd. 3. Authorization. The municipality may defray all or part of the total costs
2.20of municipal street improvements by apportioning street improvement fees on a uniform
2.21basis to all eligible property located in the district. Any affected property owner may have
2.22the fee apportionment reviewed by writ of certiorari under chapter 606.
2.23    Subd. 4. Adoption of plan. Before establishing a municipal street improvement
2.24district or authorizing a street improvement fee, the municipality must propose and adopt a
2.25street improvement plan that identifies and estimates the costs of proposed improvements
2.26for the following five years and identifies the location of the municipal street improvement
2.27district. Notice of a public hearing on the proposed plan or any modification to the plan
2.28must be given by mail to all affected owners of eligible property at least 60 days before
2.29the hearing and posted for at least 60 days before the hearing. At the public hearing, the
2.30governing body must present the plan and all affected owners of eligible property in
2.31attendance must have the opportunity to provide comments before the governing body
2.32considers adoption of the plan.
2.33    Subd. 5. Use of fees. Revenues collected from property in a district from the
2.34fee authorized in this section must be placed in a separate account and be used only
2.35for projects located within that same district and identified in the municipal street
2.36improvement district plans.
3.1    Subd. 6. Unpaid fees. The governing body may make the fees a charge against the
3.2owner, lessee, occupant or all of them and may provide and covenant for certifying unpaid
3.3charges to the county auditor with taxes against the property served for collection as
3.4other taxes are collected.
3.5    Subd. 7. Notice; hearings. The municipality may impose a municipal street
3.6improvement fee provided in this section by ordinance. The ordinance must not be voted
3.7on or adopted until after a public hearing has been held on the question, as provided in
3.8subdivision 4.
3.9    Subd. 8. Not exclusive means of financing improvements. The use of the
3.10municipal street improvement fee by the municipality does not restrict the municipality
3.11from imposing other measures to pay the costs of local street improvements, except that,
3.12for projects funded with street improvement fees, the municipality must not also impose
3.13special assessments and must recognize credits allowed in any previously negotiated
3.14development agreements.

3.15    Sec. 2. EFFECTIVE DATE.
3.16This act is effective the day following final enactment and expires 30 years following
3.17the effective date."
3.18Amend the title accordingly