1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1005, first committee engrossment, as
1.3Page 4, delete section 8 and insert:

1.4    "Sec. 8. Minnesota Statutes 2009 Supplement, section 171.06, subdivision 3, is
1.5amended to read:
1.6    Subd. 3. Contents of application; other information. (a) An application must:
1.7    (1) state the full name, date of birth, sex, and either (i) the residence address of the
1.8applicant, or (ii) designated address under section 5B.05;
1.9    (2) as may be required by the commissioner, contain a description of the applicant
1.10and any other facts pertaining to the applicant, the applicant's driving privileges, and the
1.11applicant's ability to operate a motor vehicle with safety;
1.12    (3) state:
1.13    (i) the applicant's Social Security number; or
1.14    (ii) if the applicant does not have a Social Security number and is applying for a
1.15Minnesota identification card, instruction permit, or class D provisional or driver's license,
1.16that the applicant certifies that the applicant does not have a Social Security number;
1.17    (4) in the case of an application for an enhanced driver's license or enhanced
1.18identification card, present:
1.19(i) proof satisfactory to the commissioner of the applicant's full legal name, United
1.20States citizenship, identity, date of birth, Social Security number, and residence address;
1.22(ii) a photographic identity document;
1.23(5) contain a space where the applicant may indicate a desire to make an anatomical
1.24gift according to paragraph (b);
1.25    (5) (6) contain a notification to the applicant of the availability of a living will/health
1.26care directive designation on the license under section 171.07, subdivision 7; and
2.1(6) (7) contain a space where the applicant may request a veteran designation on
2.2the license under section 171.07, subdivision 15, and the driving record under section
2.3171.12 , subdivision 5a.
2.4    (b) If the applicant does not indicate a desire to make an anatomical gift when
2.5the application is made, the applicant must be offered a donor document in accordance
2.6with section 171.07, subdivision 5. The application must contain statements sufficient to
2.7comply with the requirements of the Darlene Luther Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift
2.8Act, chapter 525A, so that execution of the application or donor document will make
2.9the anatomical gift as provided in section 171.07, subdivision 5, for those indicating a
2.10desire to make an anatomical gift. The application must be accompanied by information
2.11describing Minnesota laws regarding anatomical gifts and the need for and benefits of
2.12anatomical gifts, and the legal implications of making an anatomical gift, including the
2.13law governing revocation of anatomical gifts. The commissioner shall distribute a notice
2.14that must accompany all applications for and renewals of a driver's license or Minnesota
2.15identification card. The notice must be prepared in conjunction with a Minnesota organ
2.16procurement organization that is certified by the federal Department of Health and Human
2.17Services and must include:
2.18    (1) a statement that provides a fair and reasonable description of the organ donation
2.19process, the care of the donor body after death, and the importance of informing family
2.20members of the donation decision; and
2.21    (2) a telephone number in a certified Minnesota organ procurement organization that
2.22may be called with respect to questions regarding anatomical gifts.
2.23    (c) The application must be accompanied also by information containing relevant
2.24facts relating to:
2.25    (1) the effect of alcohol on driving ability;
2.26    (2) the effect of mixing alcohol with drugs;
2.27    (3) the laws of Minnesota relating to operation of a motor vehicle while under the
2.28influence of alcohol or a controlled substance; and
2.29    (4) the levels of alcohol-related fatalities and accidents in Minnesota and of arrests
2.30for alcohol-related violations."
2.31Page 8, lines 2 and 3, delete "2009" and insert "2010"
2.32Amend the title accordingly