1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1345 as follows:
1.2Page 3, line 26, after the semicolon insert "or"
1.3Page 3, line 30, delete "; or" and insert a period
1.4Page 3, delete lines 31 and 32 and insert:
1.5"(c) limit the time period to submit a claim, which may not be less than 90 days
1.6through contract or statute, unless the health care provider knew or was informed of
1.7the correct name and address of the responsible health plan company or third party
1.9Page 4, line 12, delete "care" and insert "plan or third party administrator"
1.10Page 4, line 13, delete "clearinghouse"
1.11Page 4, line 14, delete "62Q.75, subdivision 3" and insert "60A.23, subdivision 8,
1.12paragraph (6), clause (c)"
1.13Page 4, line 15, after "to" insert "a health plan or third party administrator through"
1.14and after "clearinghouse" insert "or clearinghouse"
1.15Page 4, line 16, delete everything after "the" and insert "health plan or third party
1.17Page 4, line 17, after "does" insert "not"
1.18Page 4, delete lines 20 to 23
1.19Page 4, line 27, delete "and no insurance"
1.20Page 4, line 28, delete everything before "shall"
1.21Page 4, delete line 29, and insert "initiate an audit to recover a paid claim on the
1.22basis that the claim was paid for a service that was not medically necessary treatment
1.23at a time that is more than six"
1.24Page 4, line 31, delete "and no insurance"
1.25Page 4, line 32, delete everything before "shall"
1.26Page 4, line 33, after the first "audit" insert "described in paragraph (a)"