1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1367 as follows:
1.2Page 2, line 23, after "county agricultural inspector" insert "or other designated
1.3county employee"
1.4Page 3, line 14, delete "township" and insert "municipality"
1.5Page 5, line 18, after the period insert "The commissioner shall maintain on the
1.6department's Web site weed management information including but not limited to the roles
1.7and responsibilities of citizens and government entities under sections 18.76 to 18.91 and
1.8specific guidance on whom a person should contact to report a noxious weed issue."
1.9Page 6, line 4, delete everything before the period and insert "responsibilities
1.10specified by the county board under section 18.81, subdivision 1. Upon request, the
1.11commissioner must provide information and other technical assistance to the county
1.12weed inspector or other designated employee to aid in the performance of responsibilities
1.13specified by the county board under section 18.81, subdivision 1"
1.14Page 6, line 7, after "inspector" insert "or other designated employee"
1.15Page 6, after line 27, insert:

1.16    "Sec. 16. Minnesota Statutes 2008, section 18.81, subdivision 3, is amended to read:
1.17    Subd. 3. Nonperformance by inspectors; reimbursement for expenses. If
1.18local weed inspectors neglect or fail to do their duty as prescribed in this section, the
1.19county agricultural inspector shallor other designated employee, in consultation with the
1.20commissioner, may issue a notice to the inspector providing instructions on how and
1.21when to do their duty. If, after the time allowed in the notice, the local weed inspector
1.22has not complied as directed, the county agricultural inspector or other designated
1.23employee may consult with the commissioner to perform the duty for the local weed
1.24inspector. A claim for the expense of doing the local weed inspector's duty is a legal
1.25charge against the municipality in which the inspector has jurisdiction. The county
1.26agricultural inspector doing or other designated employee overseeing the work may file
1.27an itemized statement of costs with the clerk of the municipality in which the work was
2.1performed. The municipality shall immediately issue proper warrants to the county for
2.2the work performed. If the municipality fails to issue the warrants, the county auditor
2.3may include the amount contained in the itemized statement of costs as part of the next
2.4annual tax levy in the municipality and withhold that amount from the municipality in
2.5making its next apportionment."
2.6Page 8, lines 30 to 36, reinstate the stricken language
2.7Page 9, line 1, reinstate the stricken language
2.8Page 9, line 2, delete the new language and reinstate the stricken language
2.9Page 9, delete lines 3 to 6
2.10Page 9, line 7, delete everything before the period
2.11Page 9, line 10, reinstate the stricken language
2.12Page 9, line 11, reinstate the stricken language
2.13Page 13, line 9, delete "may" and insert "shall"
2.14Page 13, line 24, delete the second "and"
2.15Page 13, line 25, delete the period and insert "; and"
2.16Page 13, after line 25, insert:
2.17"(15) local soil and water conservation districts."
2.18Page 13, line 31, after the period insert "The committee must provide its initial set of
2.19recommendations, advice, and assistance to the commissioner no later than 12 months
2.20after the date of final enactment."
2.21Page 13, delete section 28
2.22Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.23Amend the title accordingly