1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2150, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H2150DE3), as follows:
1.3Page 36, after line 18, insert:

1.6(a) The Department of Public Safety or its contract designee shall collaborate
1.7with the Minnesota Ambulance Association to create the parameters of the medical
1.8response unit reimbursement pilot program, including determining criteria for baseline
1.9data reporting.
1.10(b) In conducting the pilot program, the Department of Public Safety must consult
1.11with the Minnesota Ambulance Association, Minnesota Fire Chiefs Association,
1.12Emergency Services Regulatory Board, and the Minnesota Council of Health Plans to:
1.13(1) identify no more than five medical response units registered as medical response
1.14units with the Minnesota Emergency Medical Services Regulatory Board according to
1.15Minnesota Statutes, chapter 144E, to participate in the program;
1.16(2) outline and develop criteria for reimbursement;
1.17(3) determine the amount of reimbursement for each unit response; and
1.18(4) collect program data to be analyzed for a final report.
1.19(c) Further criteria for the medical response unit reimbursement pilot program
1.20shall include:
1.21(1) the pilot program will expire on December 31, 2010, or when the appropriation
1.22is extended, whichever occurs first;
1.23(2) a report shall be made to the legislature by March 1, 2011, by the Department
1.24of Public Safety or its contractor as to the effectiveness and value of this reimbursement
1.25pilot program to the emergency medical services delivery system, any actual or potential
1.26savings to the health care system, and impact on patient outcomes;
2.1(3) participating medical response units must adhere to the requirements of this
2.2pilot program outlined in an agreement between the Department of Public Safety and
2.3the medical response unit, including but not limited to, requirements relating to data
2.4collection, response criteria, and patient outcomes and disposition;
2.5(4) individual entities licensed to provide ambulance care under Minnesota Statutes,
2.6chapter 144E, are not eligible for participation in this pilot program;
2.7(5) if a participating medical response unit withdraws from the pilot program, the
2.8Department of Public Safety in consultation with the Minnesota Ambulance Association
2.9may choose another pilot site if funding is available;
2.10(6) medical response units must coordinate their operations under this pilot project
2.11with the ambulance service or services licensed to provide care in their first response
2.12geographic areas;
2.13(7) licensed ambulance services that participate with the medical response unit in
2.14the pilot program assume no financial or legal liability for the actions of the participating
2.15medical response unit; and
2.16(8) the Department of Public Safety and its pilot program partners have no ongoing
2.17responsibility to reimburse medical response units beyond the parameters of the pilot
2.19Page 48, after line 5, insert:
Ambulance Trust
2.23Page 48, after line 22, insert:
2.24"Regional Medical Services Program. (a)
2.25$400,000 in the first year is transferred from
2.26the Cooper/Sams volunteer ambulance trust
2.27to the emergency medical services system
2.29(b) $400,000 in the first year from the
2.30emergency medical services system fund is
2.31for the regional emergency medical services
2.32programs. This amount shall be distributed
2.33equally to the eight emergency medical
2.34service regions. Notwithstanding Minnesota
2.35Statutes, section 144E.50, 100 percent of
3.1the appropriation shall be passed on to the
3.2emergency medical service regions.
3.3Comprehensive Advanced Life-Support
3.4Educational (CALS) Program. $100,000 in
3.5the first year from the Cooper/Sams volunteer
3.6ambulance trust is for the comprehensive
3.7advanced life-support educational (CALS)
3.8program established under Minnesota
3.9Statutes, section 144E.37. This appropriation
3.10is to extend availability and affordability
3.11of the CALS program for rural emergency
3.12medical personnel and to assist hospital staff
3.13in attaining the credentialing levels necessary
3.14for implementation of the statewide trauma
3.16Emergency Medical Services for Children
3.17(EMS-C) Program. $25,000 in the first
3.18year from the Cooper/Sams volunteer
3.19ambulance trust is for the emergency medical
3.20services for children (EMS-C) program.
3.21This appropriation is to meet increased need
3.22for medical training specific to pediatric
3.24Page 48, before line 23, insert:

Veterans Paramedic Apprenticeship Program
3.28$200,000 in the first year from the
3.29Cooper/Sams volunteer ambulance trust
3.30to the commissioner of veterans affairs
3.31for a grant to the Minnesota Ambulance
3.32Association to implement a veterans
3.33paramedic apprenticeship program to
3.34reintegrate returning military medics into
3.35Minnesota's workforce in the field of
4.1paramedic and emergency services, thereby
4.2guaranteeing returning military medics
4.3gainful employment with livable wages and
4.4benefits. This appropriation is available until

Medical Response Unit Reimbursement Pilot
4.9(a) $250,000 in the first year from the
4.10Cooper/Sams volunteer ambulance trust
4.11to the Department of Public Safety for a
4.12medical response unit reimbursement pilot
4.13program. Of this appropriation, $75,000 is
4.14for administrative costs to the Department of
4.15Public Safety, including providing contract
4.16staff support and technical assistance to the
4.17pilot program partners if necessary.
4.18(b) Of the amount in paragraph (a), $175,000
4.19is to the Department of Public Safety
4.20to be used to provide a predetermined
4.21reimbursement amount to the participating
4.22medical response units. The Department
4.23of Public Safety or its contract designee
4.24will develop an agreement with the medical
4.25response units outlining reimbursement and
4.26program requirements to include HIPAA
4.27compliance while participating in the pilot
4.29Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
4.30Amend the title accordingly
4.31Adjust amounts accordingly