1.1.................... moves to amend the second committee engrossment (CEH2965-2) to
1.2H.F. No. 2965, as follows:
1.3Page 2, line 29, delete "guidelines established under"
1.4Page 3, line 10, after "entity" insert "and its designated fiscal agent"
1.5Page 3, delete lines 14 and 15, and insert
1.6"(2) be subject to a biennial operational and financial audit contracted out to an
1.7external organization not associated with the multijurisdictional entity and designed to
1.8ensure that the entity and its designated fiscal agent are in compliance with applicable
1.9legal requirements, proper law enforcement standards and practices, and effective
1.10financial controls;"
1.11Page 3, after line 20, insert "The commissioner may use grant funds authorized
1.12under subdivision 9 to pay for costs incurred in conducting audits under clause (2)."
1.13Page 4, line 12, delete "annual"
1.14Page 6, delete section 3
1.15Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
1.16Amend the title accordingly