1.1.................... moves to amend the first committee engrossment to H.F. No. 3106
1.2as follows:
1.3Page 14, after line 11 insert:
1.4    "Subd. 7. Venue. In addition to the provisions of Rule 24 of the Rules of Criminal
1.5Procedure and section 627.01, a violation of subdivision 6 or section 171.09, subdivision
1.61, paragraph (e), may be prosecuted in:
1.7(1) the county in which the vehicle involved in the offense is found;
1.8(2) the county in which the accused resides;
1.9(3) any county through which the vehicle traveled in the course of the trip during or
1.10after which the offense was committed; or
1.11(4) the county in which the impaired driving incident occurred which resulted in the
1.12accused being issued a driver's license with an ignition interlock restriction."
1.13Page 14, line 12, delete "7" and insert "8"
1.14Page 14, line 15, delete "8" and insert "9"
1.15Page 14, line 20, delete "7" and insert "8" and delete "Subdivision 8" and insert
1.16"Subdivision 9"