1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 3389 as follows:
1.2Page 1, line 23, delete "board" and insert "commission" and delete "board" and insert
1.3"commission" and delete "board" and insert "commission"
1.4Page 2, line 8, after the period, insert "The commissioner of employment and
1.5economic development shall convene the first meeting of the authority no later than July
1.61, 2010."
1.7Page 2, after line 34, insert:
1.8    "Subd. 7. Expiration. The authority is permanent and the provisions of section
1.915.059, subdivision 5, do not apply."
1.10Page 3, after line 11, insert:
1.11"(5) provide grants or other forms of financial assistance to eligible recipients for
1.12purposes of this chapter;"
1.13Renumber the clauses in sequence
1.14Page 4, line 9, delete "January 15" and insert "February 1 of"
1.15Page 4, delete lines 10 and 11 and insert "the chairs and the ranking minority
1.16members of the legislative committees and divisions with jurisdiction over finance and
1.18Page 5, line 11, after the period insert "Grants approved by the executive director
1.19must be reviewed by the authority each month."
1.20Page 5, line 13, after "if" insert "there are not sufficient funds available or if"
1.21Page 5, delete lines 20 to 33 and insert:
1.22    "Subdivision 1. Advisory commission membership. A Science and Technology
1.23Initiative Advisory Commission of 17 members is established and is comprised of:
1.24(1) two representatives of the University of Minnesota, selected by the president of
1.25the university, including a faculty member actively involved in science and technology
2.1(2) a representative of Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, selected by the
2.3(3) the chief executive officer of Mayo Clinic or a designee;
2.4(4) six chief executive officers or designees from science-oriented or
2.5technology-oriented companies;
2.6(5) four representatives from science-oriented and technology-oriented
2.8(6) one representative of organized labor;
2.9(7) a venture capital representative; and
2.10(8) a representative of angel investors.
2.11A member must have experience in science or technology in order to serve on
2.12the commission.
2.13Members of the commission listed in clauses (4) to (8) shall be appointed by the
2.15Page 5, line 34, delete "board" and insert "commission" and delete "board" and
2.16insert "commission"
2.17Page 6, line 1, delete "legislature" and insert "chairs and ranking minority members
2.18of the legislative committees and divisions with jurisdiction over economic development"
2.19Page 6, line 5, delete "board" and insert "commission"
2.20Page 6, line 7, delete "board" and insert "commission" and delete "board" and insert
2.22Page 6, line 11, after the period, insert "The compensation required under this
2.23section must be paid by the authority."
2.24Page 6, lines 12, 14, and 15, delete "board" and insert "commission"
2.25Page 6, line 13, after "director" insert "of the authority"