1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 3478 as follows:
1.2Page 6, after line 22, insert:

1.3    "Sec. 13. Minnesota Statutes 2009 Supplement, section 126C.44, is amended to read:
1.5    (a) Each district may make a levy on all taxable property located within the district
1.6for the purposes specified in this section. The maximum amount which may be levied
1.7for all costs under this section shall be equal to $30 multiplied by the district's adjusted
1.8marginal cost pupil units for the school year. The proceeds of the levy must be reserved and
1.9used for directly funding the following purposes or for reimbursing the cities and counties
1.10who contract with the district for the following purposes: (1) to pay the costs incurred for
1.11the salaries, benefits, and transportation costs of peace officers and sheriffs for liaison in
1.12services in the district's schools; (2) to pay the costs for a drug abuse prevention program
1.13as defined in section 609.101, subdivision 3, paragraph (e), in the elementary schools;
1.14(3) to pay the costs for a gang resistance education training curriculum in the district's
1.15schools; (4) to pay the costs for security in the district's schools and on school property; (5)
1.16to pay the costs for other crime prevention, drug abuse, student and staff safety, voluntary
1.17opt-in suicide prevention tools, and violence prevention measures taken by the school
1.18district; or (6) to pay costs for licensed school counselors, licensed school nurses, licensed
1.19school social workers, licensed school psychologists, and licensed alcohol and chemical
1.20dependency counselors to help provide early responses to problems. For expenditures
1.21under clause (1), the district must initially attempt to contract for services to be provided
1.22by peace officers or sheriffs with the police department of each city or the sheriff's
1.23department of the county within the district containing the school receiving the services. If
1.24a local police department or a county sheriff's department does not wish to provide the
1.25necessary services, the district may contract for these services with any other police or
1.26sheriff's department located entirely or partially within the school district's boundaries.
2.1    (b) A school district that is a member of an intermediate school district may
2.2include in its authority under this section the costs associated with safe schools activities
2.3authorized under paragraph (a) for intermediate school district programs. This authority
2.4must not exceed $10 times the adjusted marginal cost pupil units of the member districts.
2.5This authority is in addition to any other authority authorized under this section. Revenue
2.6raised under this paragraph must be transferred to the intermediate school district.
2.7    (c) A school district must set aside at least $3 per adjusted marginal cost pupil
2.8unit of the safe schools levy proceeds for the purposes authorized under paragraph (a),
2.9clause (6). The district must annually certify either that: (1) its total spending on services
2.10provided by the employees listed in paragraph (a), clause (6), is not less than the sum of
2.11its expenditures for these purposes, excluding amounts spent under this section, in the
2.12previous year plus the amount spent under this section; or (2) that the district's full-time
2.13equivalent number of employees listed in paragraph (a), clause (6), is not less than the
2.14number for the previous year."
2.15Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.16Amend the title accordingly