1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. XXXX (Revisor Number 10-6248) as
1.3Page 1, delete lines 11 and 12 and insert "the North by Bunker Lake Boulevard as
1.4extended West to Llama Street, on the West by Llama Street, and on the south by a line
1.5running parallel to and 600 feet south of the southerly right-of-way for U.S. Highway
1.610, but including Parcels 28-32-25-43-0007 and 28-32-25-34-0002 in their entirety, and
1.7excluding the Anoka County Regional Park property in its entirety."
1.8Page 1, line 13, delete everything before "A"
1.9Page 1, after line 23, insert:
1.10    "(d) The five-year rule under Minnesota Statutes, section 469.1763, subdivision 3,
1.11does not apply to a district established under this section."