1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 959, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.4    The sums shown in the column under "Appropriations" are appropriated from the
1.5bond proceeds fund, or another named fund, to the state agencies or officials indicated,
1.6to be spent for public purposes. Appropriations of bond proceeds must be spent as
1.7authorized by the Minnesota Constitution, article XI, section 5, paragraph (a), to acquire
1.8and better public land and buildings and other public improvements of a capital nature, or
1.9as authorized by the Minnesota Constitution, article XI, section 5, paragraphs (b) to (j),
1.10or article XIV. Unless otherwise specified, money appropriated in this act for a capital
1.11program or project may be used to pay state agency staff costs that are attributed directly
1.12to the capital program or project in accordance with accounting policies adopted by the
1.13commissioner of management and budget. Unless otherwise specified, the appropriations
1.14in this act are available until the project is completed or abandoned subject to Minnesota
1.15Statutes, section 16A.642.
Natural Resources
Bond Sale Expenses
Bond Proceeds Fund (General Fund Debt Service)

Subdivision 1.Total Appropriation
1.24To the commissioner of natural resources for
1.25the purposes specified in this section.
2.1The appropriations in this section are
2.2subject to the requirements of the natural
2.3resources capital improvement program
2.4under Minnesota Statutes, section 86A.12,
2.5unless this section or the statutes referred
2.6to in this section provide more specific
2.7standards, criteria, or priorities for projects
2.8than Minnesota Statutes, section 86A.12.
Subd. 2.Flood Hazard Mitigation Grants
2.10(a) For the state share of flood hazard
2.11mitigation grants for publicly owned capital
2.12improvements to prevent or alleviate
2.13flood damage under Minnesota Statutes,
2.14section 103F.161. Project priorities shall
2.15be determined by the commissioner as
2.16appropriate, based on need.
2.17(b) To the extent that the cost of a project
2.18exceeds two percent of the median household
2.19income in the municipality or unit of
2.20government on the commissioner's priority
2.21list multiplied by the number of households
2.22in the municipality or unit of government
2.23on the commissioner's priority list, this
2.24appropriation is also for the local share of the
2.26(c) Up to $6,000,000 of this appropriation is
2.27for the project in the city of Roseau.
2.28(d) Up to $3,000,000 of this appropriation is
2.29for the project in the city of Georgetown.
2.30(e) Up to $16,500,000 of this appropriation
2.31is for the project in the city of Moorhead.
Subd. 3.Unspent Appropriations
2.33The unspent portion of an appropriation, but
2.34not to exceed ten percent of the appropriation,
3.1for a project in this section that is complete,
3.2other than an appropriation for flood hazard
3.3mitigation, is available for asset preservation
3.4under Minnesota Statutes, section 84.946.
3.5Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.642, applies
3.6from the date of the original appropriation
3.7to the unspent amount transferred for asset

3.10To the commissioner of management
3.11and budget for bond sale expenses under
3.12Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.641,
3.13subdivision 8.

3.14    Sec. 4. BOND SALE SCHEDULE.
3.15    The commissioner of management and budget shall schedule the sale of state
3.16general obligation bonds so that, during the biennium ending June 30, 2013, no more
3.17than $1,175,188,000 needs to be transferred from the general fund to the state bond
3.18fund to pay principal and interest due and to become due on outstanding state general
3.19obligation bonds. During the biennium, before each sale of state general obligation bonds,
3.20the commissioner of management and budget shall calculate the amount of debt service
3.21payments needed on bonds previously issued and shall estimate the amount of debt service
3.22payments that will be needed on the bonds scheduled to be sold. The commissioner shall
3.23adjust the amount of bonds scheduled to be sold so as to remain within the limit set by this
3.24section. The amount needed to make the debt service payments is appropriated from the
3.25general fund as provided in Minnesota Statutes, section 16A.641.

3.27    To provide the money appropriated in this act from the bond proceeds fund, the
3.28commissioner of management and budget shall sell and issue bonds of the state in an
3.29amount up to $45,045,000 in the manner, upon the terms, and with the effect prescribed by
3.30Minnesota Statutes, sections 16A.631 to 16A.675, and by the Minnesota Constitution,
3.31article XI, sections 4 to 7.

4.1$5,000,000 is appropriated from the general fund to the commissioner of public
4.2safety to provide a match for Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster
4.3assistance to state agencies and political subdivisions under Minnesota Statutes, section
4.412.221, in the area designated under Presidential Declaration of Major Disaster DR-1982,
4.5for the flooding in Minnesota in the spring of 2011, whether included in the original
4.6declaration or added later by federal government action. This is a onetime appropriation.
4.7This appropriation does not lapse.
4.8EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment.

4.9    Sec. 7. Laws 2006, chapter 258, section 7, subdivision 3, as amended by Laws 2007,
4.10chapter 122, section 4, and Laws 2008, chapter 179, section 59, is amended to read:
Subd. 3.Flood Hazard Mitigation Grants
4.12For the state share of flood hazard
4.13mitigation grants for publicly owned capital
4.14improvements to prevent or alleviate flood
4.15damage under Minnesota Statutes, section
4.17The commissioner shall determine project
4.18priorities as appropriate, based on need.
4.19This appropriation includes money for the
4.20following projects:
4.21(a) Austin
4.22(b) Albert Lea
4.23(c) Browns Valley
4.24(d) Crookston
4.25(e) Canisteo Mine
4.26(f) Delano
4.27(g) East Grand Forks
4.28(h) Golden Valley
4.29(i) Grand Marais Creek
4.30(j) Granite Falls
5.1(k) Inver Grove Heights
5.2(l) Manston Slough
5.3(m) Oakport Township
5.4(n) Riverton Township
5.5(o) Roseau
5.6(p) Shell Rock Watershed District
5.7(q) St. Vincent
5.8(r) Wild Rice River Watershed District
5.9For any project listed in this subdivision
5.10that the commissioner determines is not
5.11ready to proceed or does not expend all the
5.12money allocated to it, the commissioner may
5.13allocate that project's money to a project on
5.14the commissioner's priority list.
5.15To the extent that the cost of a project in Ada,
5.16Breckenridge, Browns Valley, Crookston,
5.17Dawson, East Grand Forks, Granite Falls,
5.18Montevideo, Oakport Township, Roseau,
5.19St. Vincent, or Warren exceeds two percent
5.20of the median household income in the
5.21municipality multiplied by the number
5.22of households in the municipality, this
5.23appropriation is also for the local share of the
5.24project. The local share for the St. Vincent
5.25dike may not exceed $30,000.
5.26Notwithstanding Minnesota Statutes, section
5.2716A.642, this appropriation is available until
5.28June 30, 2014.

5.29    Sec. 8. EFFECTIVE DATE.
5.30Except as otherwise provided, this act is effective the day following final enactment."
5.31Delete the title and insert:
5.32"A bill for an act
6.1relating to capital investment; appropriating money for flood hazard mitigation;
6.2appropriating money for a match for federal disaster assistance; authorizing sale
6.3and issuance of state bonds; providing a bond sale schedule;amending Laws
6.42006, chapter 258, section 7, subdivision 3, as amended."