1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2495 as follows:
1.2Page 2, lines 6 to 15, delete the new language and insert "In the event that the hearing
1.3is authorized to be held before a three-person board, the governmental subdivision's notice
1.4of intent to discharge shall state that the veteran must respond within 60 days of receipt of
1.5the notice of intent to discharge, and provide in writing to the governmental subdivision
1.6the name, United States mailing address, and telephone number of the veteran's selected
1.7representative for the three-person board. The failure of a veteran to submit the name,
1.8address, and telephone number of the veteran's selected representative to the governmental
1.9subdivision by mail or by personal service within the provided notice's 60-day period,
1.10shall constitute a waiver of the veteran's right to the hearing and all other legal remedies
1.11available for reinstatement of the veteran's employment position."
1.12Page 2, line 15, strike "so" and after "selected" insert "by the veteran and
1.13governmental subdivision"
1.14Page 2, line 21, strike "The veteran" and insert "Either the veteran or the
1.15governmental subdivision"
1.16Page 2, lines 23 to 24, strike "governmental subdivision or officer making the
1.17charges" and insert "other party"
1.18Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
1.19Amend the title accordingly