1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 226 as follows:
1.2Delete everything after the enacting clause and insert:

1.3    "Section 1. Laws 2009, chapter 93, article 1, section 14, subdivision 3, is amended to
Subd. 3.Veterans Cemeteries
1.6Of this amount, up to $500,000 is
1.7to acquire land located in Redwood
1.8County southeastern, southwestern, and
1.9northeastern Minnesota for publicly owned
1.10veterans cemeteries, to be operated by
1.11the commissioner of veterans affairs. The
1.12commissioner also must seek donations of
1.13land for the cemeteries. The balance of the
1.14appropriation is to predesign and design
1.15the cemeteries. Federal reimbursement of
1.16predesign and design costs is appropriated
1.17to the commissioner for asset preservation
1.18of veterans homes statewide, to be spent in
1.19accordance with Minnesota Statutes, section
1.2016B.307 .

1.21    Sec. 2. Laws 2010, chapter 333, article 2, section 23, is amended to read:
1.23(a) The commissioner of veterans affairs shall determine a suitable site and plan for
1.24three new state veterans cemeteries, one to be located in northeastern Minnesota, one to
1.25be located in southeastern Minnesota, and one to be located in southwestern Minnesota.
2.1In determining the site for a cemetery, the commissioner shall consider available public
2.2land options and shall seek proposals for donated land from interested counties, local
2.3communities, civic organizations, veterans service organizations, and individuals.
2.4(b) For determining the veterans cemetery site in southeastern Minnesota, the
2.5commissioner shall give priority consideration to land owned and proposed for donation
2.6by the county of Fillmore.
2.7(c) The commissioner's planning process for a state veterans cemetery must include,
2.8at a minimum, the following actions:
2.9(1) determining the need for the cemetery;
2.10(2) investigating the availability of suitable land for the cemetery;
2.11(3) assessment of impacts of the cemetery;
2.12(4) encouragement of support from veteran service organizations and local
2.13governments; and
2.14(5) preparation and submission of a preapplication for a grant from the United States
2.15Department of Veterans Affairs for commitment of funding for establishing the cemetery.
2.16(d) By January 15, 2011, the commissioner shall report to the chair and ranking
2.17minority member of the house of representatives and senate committees having
2.18responsibility for veterans affairs with a report of the commissioner's progress in
2.19implementing this section.

2.20    Sec. 3. EFFECTIVE DATE.
2.21Sections 1 and 2 are effective the day following final enactment."
2.22Amend the title accordingly