1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1010, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H1010DE1), as follows:
1.3Page 21, after line 17, insert:

1.6In addition to the appropriation authorized in
1.7Minnesota Statutes, section 237.52, $400,000
1.8the first year and $400,000 the second year
1.9are from the telecommunications access
1.10Minnesota fund as follows:
1.11(1) $230,000 each year is to the chief
1.12information officer for coordinating
1.13technology accessibility and usability;
1.14(2) $20,000 each year is to the Commission of
1.15DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing Minnesotans
1.16to provide information on their Web site in
1.17American Sign Language and to provide
1.18technical assistance to state agencies; and
1.19(3) $150,000 each year is to the Legislative
1.20Coordinating Commission to provide
1.21captioning of live streaming of legislative
1.22activity on the commission's Web site and
1.23for a consolidated access fund for other state
1.25These appropriations are onetime."
1.26Page 22, after line 20, insert:

2.3    Subdivision 1. Membership. The Advisory Committee for Technology Standards
2.4for Accessibility and Usability consists of ten members, appointed as follows:
2.5(1) the state chief information officer, or the state chief information officer's designee;
2.6(2) a representative from State Services for the Blind, appointed by the commissioner
2.7of employment and economic development;
2.8(3) the commissioner of administration, or the commissioner's designee;
2.9(4) a representative selected by the Minnesota system of technology to achieve
2.10results program;
2.11(5) a representative selected by the Commission of Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard
2.12of Hearing Minnesotans;
2.13(6) the commissioner of education, or the commissioner's designee;
2.14(7) the commissioner of health, or the commissioner's designee;
2.15(8) the commissioner of human services, or the commissioner's designee;
2.16(9) one representative from the Minnesota judicial system designated by the chief
2.17justice; and
2.18    (10) one staff member from the legislature, appointed by the chair of the Legislative
2.19Coordinating Commission.
2.20    The appointing authorities under this subdivision must use their best efforts to ensure
2.21that the membership of the advisory committee includes at least one representative who is
2.22deaf, hard-of-hearing, or deaf-blind, and at least one representative who is blind.
2.23The advisory committee shall elect a chair from its membership.
2.24    Subd. 2. Duties. The advisory committee shall:
2.25(1) recommend review processes to be used for the evaluation or certification of
2.26accessibility of technology against accessibility standards;
2.27(2) recommend an exception process and thresholds for any deviation from the
2.28accessibility standards;
2.29(3) identify, in consultation with state agencies serving Minnesotans with disabilities,
2.30resources for training and technical assistance for state agency staff, including instruction
2.31regarding compliance with accessibility standards;
2.32(4) convene customer groups composed of individuals with disabilities to assist in
2.33implementation of accessibility standards;
2.34(5) review customer comments about accessibility and usability issues collected by
2.35State Services for the Blind; and
3.1(6) develop proposals for funding captioning of live videoconferencing, live
3.2Webcasts, Web streaming, podcasts, and other emerging technologies.
3.3The advisory committee shall report to the chairs and ranking minority members of
3.4the legislative committees with jurisdiction over state technology systems by January 15
3.5of each year, regarding the findings, progress, and recommendations made by the advisory
3.6committee under this subdivision. The report shall include any draft legislation necessary
3.7to implement the committee's recommendations.
3.8    Subd. 3. Terms, compensation, and removal. The terms, compensation, and
3.9removal of members are governed by section 15.059.
3.10    Subd. 4. Expiration. This section expires June 30, 2013."
3.11Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
3.12Amend the title accordingly