1.1.................... moves to amend the H1061A30 amendment to H.F. No. 1061 as
1.3Page 7, after line 11, insert:
1.4"The commissioner shall solicit proposals
1.5and award grants to entities that create,
1.6produce, acquire, or distribute programs that
1.7educate, enhance, or promote local, regional,
1.8or statewide items of artistic, cultural, or
1.9historic significance. The commissioner
1.10shall give preference to projects that
1.11expand Minnesotans' access to knowledge,
1.12information, arts, state history or cultural
1.14Page 7, after line 26, insert:
1.15"The commissioner shall solicit proposals
1.16and award grants to zoos for projects and
1.17programs that promote the arts or preserve
1.18Minnesota's history and cultural heritage.
1.19The commissioner shall give preference to
1.20projects and programs that incorporate arts,
1.21culture, and history into zoo programming
1.22or that increase knowledge and awareness
1.23of the way that history and culture affect
1.24people's lives and that illustrate how that
1.25knowledge can help Minnesotans make
1.26informed decisions for the future."
1.27Page 8, after line 15, insert:
2.1"The board of directors shall solicit proposals
2.2and award grants to entities for projects
2.3and programs that maintain or promote
2.4our cultural heritage. The board shall fund
2.5programs and projects that collectively
2.6preserve both our tangible and intangible
2.7cultural heritage as well as those that
2.8recognize museums as venues for arts and
2.9cultural experiences."
2.10Page 8, after line 32, insert:
2.11"The commissioner shall solicit proposals
2.12and award grants to counties for programs
2.13and projects that promote the arts, arts
2.14education, history or cultural heritage.
2.15The commissioner shall give preference
2.16to programs and projects that: provide
2.17lifelong educational activities meant to
2.18impart knowledge, teach a new creative skill,
2.19or further develop an existing skill in any
2.20arts discipline; preserve both tangible and
2.21intangible cultural heritage; or ensure that
2.22culturally significant structures and resources
2.23will be preserved for future generations."