1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1097 as follows:
1.2Page 3, delete section 7
1.3Page 4, delete section 8
1.4Page 5, after line 14, insert:

1.5    "Sec. 11. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 97A.055, subdivision 4b, is amended to
1.7    Subd. 4b. Citizen oversight subcommittees committees. (a) The commissioner
1.8shall appoint subcommittees committees of affected persons to review the reports
1.9prepared under subdivision 4; review the proposed work plans and budgets for the coming
1.10year; propose changes in policies, activities, and revenue enhancements or reductions;
1.11review other relevant information; and make recommendations to the legislature and
1.12the commissioner for improvements in the management and use of money in the game
1.13and fish fund.
1.14    (b) The commissioner shall appoint the following subcommittees committees, each
1.15comprised of at least three ten affected persons:
1.16    (1) a Fisheries Operations Subcommittee Oversight Committee to review fisheries
1.17funding and expenditures, excluding including activities related to trout and salmon stamp
1.18and walleye stamp funding; and
1.19    (2) a Wildlife Operations Subcommittee Oversight Committee to review wildlife
1.20funding and expenditures, excluding including activities related to migratory waterfowl,
1.21pheasant, and wild turkey management funding and excluding review of the amounts
1.22available under section 97A.075, subdivision 1, paragraphs (b) and (c); deer and big
1.23game management
1.24    (3) a Big Game Subcommittee to review the report required in subdivision 4,
1.25paragraph (a), clause (2);
1.26    (4) an Ecological Resources Subcommittee to review ecological services funding;
2.1    (5) a subcommittee to review game and fish fund funding of enforcement and
2.2operations support;
2.3    (6) a subcommittee to review the trout and salmon stamp report and address funding
2.4issues related to trout and salmon;
2.5    (7) a subcommittee to review the report on the migratory waterfowl stamp and
2.6address funding issues related to migratory waterfowl;
2.7    (8) a subcommittee to review the report on the pheasant stamp and address funding
2.8issues related to pheasants;
2.9    (9) a subcommittee to review the report on the wild turkey management account and
2.10address funding issues related to wild turkeys; and
2.11    (10) a subcommittee to review the walleye stamp and address funding issues related
2.12to walleye stocking.
2.13    (c) The chairs of each of the subcommittees Fisheries Oversight Committee and the
2.14Wildlife Oversight Committee, and four additional members from each committee, shall
2.15form a Budgetary Oversight Committee to coordinate the integration of the subcommittee
2.16fisheries and wildlife oversight committee reports into an annual report to the legislature;
2.17recommend changes on a broad level in policies, activities, and revenue enhancements or
2.18reductions; and provide a forum to address issues that transcend the subcommittees; and
2.19submit a report for any subcommittee that fails to submit its report in a timely manner
2.20fisheries and wildlife oversight committees.
2.21    (d) The Budgetary Oversight Committee shall develop recommendations for a
2.22biennial budget plan and report for expenditures on game and fish activities. By August 15
2.23of each even-numbered year, the committee shall submit the budget plan recommendations
2.24to the commissioner and to the senate and house of representatives committees with
2.25jurisdiction over natural resources finance.
2.26    (e) Each subcommittee shall choose its own chair, except that The chairs of the
2.27Fisheries Oversight Committee and the Wildlife Oversight Committee shall be chosen
2.28by their respective committees. The chair of the Budgetary Oversight Committee shall
2.29be appointed by the commissioner and may not be the chair of any of the subcommittees
2.30either of the other oversight committees.
2.31    (f) The Budgetary Oversight Committee must may make recommendations to the
2.32commissioner and to the senate and house of representatives committees with jurisdiction
2.33over natural resources finance for outcome goals from expenditures.
2.34    (g) Notwithstanding section 15.059, subdivision 5, or other law to the contrary, the
2.35Fisheries Oversight Committee, the Wildlife Oversight Committee, and the Budgetary
2.36Oversight Committee and subcommittees do not expire until June 30, 2010 2015."
3.1Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
3.2Amend the title accordingly