1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1381, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H1381DE1), as follows:
1.3Page 27, line 33, after "licenses" insert "based on appropriate professional
1.4competencies that are aligned with the board's licensing system and students' diverse
1.5learning needs. The board must include these licenses in a statewide differentiated
1.6licensing system that creates new leadership roles for successful experienced teachers
1.7premised on a collaborative professional culture dedicated to meeting students' diverse
1.8learning needs in the 21st century and formalizes mentoring and induction for newly
1.9licensed teachers that is provided through a teacher support framework"
1.10Page 49, after line 13, insert:

1.12(a) The Board of Teaching and the commissioner of education must jointly convene
1.13and facilitate an advisory task force to develop recommendations for a statewide tiered
1.14teacher licensure system, consistent with Minnesota Statutes, section 122A.09, subdivision
1.154, paragraph (g), that is premised on:
1.16(1) appropriate research-based professional competencies that include content skills,
1.17adaptive expertise, college-readiness preparation, multicultural skills, use of student
1.18performance data, and skills for fostering citizenship, among other competencies that
1.19improve all students' learning outcomes;
1.20(2) ongoing teacher professional growth to enable teachers to develop multiple
1.21professional competencies;
1.22(3) an assessment system for evaluating teachers' performance that is aligned with
1.23student expectations and value-added measures of student outcomes and includes an
1.24emphasis on developing students' reading and literacy skills, among other measures and
1.25outcomes, and recognizes and rewards successful teachers;
2.1(4) an expectation that teachers progress through various stages of teaching
2.2practice throughout their teaching careers and receive opportunities for leadership roles
2.3commensurate with their practice and competency; and
2.4(5) a periodic evaluation of the licensing structure to determine its effectiveness in
2.5meeting students' learning needs.
2.6When developing its recommendations, the task force is encouraged to consider, among
2.7other resources, the draft "Model Core Teaching Standards" developed by the Interstate
2.8Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium.
2.9(b) Each of the following entities shall appoint a member to the advisory task force:
2.10Education Minnesota, the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, the Minnesota
2.11Association for Colleges of Teacher Education, the Minnesota Association of School
2.12Personnel Administrators, the Minnesota Elementary School Principals Association, the
2.13Minnesota Secondary School Principals Association, the Parents United Network, the
2.14Minnesota Business Partnership, the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, the Minnesota
2.15School Boards Association, and the Minnesota Association of Career and Technical
2.16Educators. The executive director of the Board of Teaching or the commissioner may
2.17appoint additional advisory task force members. Task force members may seek advice
2.18from the Educator Development and Resource Center at the University of Minnesota on
2.19developing a research-based framework for a differentiated licensure system in Minnesota.
2.20(c) Upon request, the commissioner must provide the task force with technical,
2.21fiscal, and other support services.
2.22(d) Task force members' terms and other task force matters are subject to Minnesota
2.23Statutes, section 15.059. The commissioner may reimburse task force members from the
2.24Department of Education's current operating budget but may not compensate task force
2.25members for task force activities.
2.26(e) The executive director of the Board of Teaching and the commissioner must
2.27submit by February 15, 2012, a joint report to the education policy and finance committees
2.28of the legislature recommending a differentiated statewide teacher licensing structure.
2.29(f) The advisory task force expires on February 16, 2012.
2.30EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective the day following final enactment."
2.31Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.32Amend the title accordingly