1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1396, as follows:
1.2Page 2, after line 16, insert:

1.3    "Sec. 3. Minnesota Statutes 2010, section 268.035, subdivision 32, is amended to read:
1.4    Subd. 32. Weekly unemployment benefit amount. "Weekly unemployment benefit
1.5amount" means the amount of unemployment benefits computed under section 268.07,
1.6subdivision 2, paragraph (b) 2a."
1.7Page 3, line 24, before the period, insert ", except that in paragraph (b), the striking
1.8of "wage credits" and the insertion of "wages paid" and the insertion of "and have been
1.9reported on wage detail under section 268.044" are effective the day following final
1.11Page 4, line 18, delete "retroactively from" and before the period insert ", and applies
1.12retroactively from July 1, 2011"
1.13Page 10, line 14, strike "is regularly attending classes at" and insert "whose primary
1.14relation to" and after "university" insert "is as a student. This does not include an
1.15individual whose primary relation to the school, college, or university is as an employee
1.16who also takes courses"
1.17Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
1.18Amend the title accordingly