1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2081 as follows:
1.2Page 1, after line 15, insert:

1.3    "Sec. 2. Minnesota Statutes 2011 Supplement, section 256.987, subdivision 2, is
1.4amended to read:
1.5    Subd. 2. Prohibited purchases. An individual with an EBT debit cardholders in
1.6card issued for one of the programs listed under subdivision 1 are is prohibited from using
1.7the EBT debit card to purchase tobacco products and alcoholic beverages, as defined in
1.8section 340A.101, subdivision 2. It is unlawful for an EBT cardholder to purchase or
1.9attempt to purchase tobacco products or alcoholic beverages with the cardholder's EBT
1.10card. Any unlawful use prohibited purchases made under this subdivision shall constitute
1.11fraud unlawful use and result in disqualification of the cardholder from the program under
1.12section 256.98, subdivision 8 as provided in subdivision 4.

1.13    Sec. 3. Minnesota Statutes 2011 Supplement, section 256.987, is amended by adding a
1.14subdivision to read:
1.15    Subd. 3. EBT use restricted to certain states. EBT debit cardholders in programs
1.16listed under subdivision 1 are prohibited from using the cash portion of the EBT card at
1.17vendors and automatic teller machines located outside of Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota,
1.18South Dakota, or Wisconsin. This subdivision does not apply to the food portion.

1.19    Sec. 4. Minnesota Statutes 2011 Supplement, section 256.987, is amended by adding a
1.20subdivision to read:
1.21    Subd. 4. Disqualification. (a) Any person found to be guilty of purchasing tobacco
1.22products or alcoholic beverages with their EBT debit card by a federal or state court or
1.23by an administrative hearing determination, or waiver thereof, through a disqualification
1.24consent agreement, or as part of any approved diversion plan under section 401.065, or
1.25any court-ordered stay which carries with it any probationary or other conditions, in
2.1the: (1) Minnesota family investment program and any affiliated program to include
2.2the diversionary work program and the work participation cash benefit program under
2.3chapter 256J; (2) general assistance program under chapter 256D; or (3) Minnesota
2.4supplemental aid program under chapter 256D, shall be permanently disqualified from
2.5all of the listed programs.
2.6(b) The needs of the disqualified individual shall not be taken into consideration in
2.7determining the grant level for that assistance unit.
2.8(c) Program disqualification shall begin on the date stipulated on the advance
2.9notice of disqualification without possibility for postponement for administrative stay or
2.10administrative hearing and shall continue through completion unless and until the findings
2.11upon which the sanctions were imposed are reversed by a court of competent jurisdiction.
2.12The period for which sanctions are imposed is not subject to review.
2.13EFFECTIVE DATE.This section is effective June 1, 2012.

2.14    Sec. 5. Minnesota Statutes 2011 Supplement, section 256.987, is amended by adding a
2.15subdivision to read:
2.16    Subd. 5. Prohibited transfers. It is a misdemeanor for an EBT debit cardholder in
2.17programs listed under subdivision 1 to sell, barter, exchange, or transfer the EBT card to
2.18another person unless the benefits contained on the card are solely expended to aid the
2.19cardholder or a member of the cardholder's household.

2.21The revisor of statutes shall change the term "assistance transaction card" or
2.22similar terms to "electronic benefit transaction" or similar terms wherever they appear in
2.23Minnesota Statutes, chapter 256. The revisor may make changes necessary to correct the
2.24punctuation, grammar, or structure of the remaining text and preserve its meaning."
2.25Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.26Amend the title accordingly