1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2294, the delete everything amendment
1.2(H2294DE2), as follows:
1.3Page 23, line 21, delete the new language and reinstate the stricken "the"
1.4Page 23, line 22, reinstate the stricken language and after "and" insert "in
1.5consultation with"
1.6Page 23, line 23, delete the second "and" and insert a comma and after "disability"
1.7insert "and mental health"
1.8Page 23, line 24, after the second comma insert "and" and delete ", including local"
1.9Page 23, line 25, delete the new language
1.10Page 23, line 27, after "disabilities" insert "and mental illnesses"
1.11Page 23, line 32, after "services" insert ", housing options, and supports"
1.12Page 24, line 1, after "problems" insert ", including access to the least restrictive
1.13and most integrated services and settings,"
1.14Page 24, line 2, after "availability" insert ", including serving people in their home
1.15areas near family,"
1.16Page 24, line 5, after "resource" insert "development and transition"
1.17Page 40, line 5, after "(g)" insert ", and the long-term services and support report
1.18required under section 144A.351"
1.19Page 40, line 9, delete "areas" and insert "limited specific low demand services or
1.20populations with low or no access" and delete "access"
1.21Page 40, line 10, delete "service areas" and insert "services"
1.22Page 40, line 11, delete "2013" and insert "2015" and delete "an" and insert "the"
1.23and delete "and the determination of" and insert "under section 144A.351"
1.24Page 40, line 12, delete everything before "Alternative"
1.25Page 40, line 13, after "delivering" insert "low demand specialty" and delete "to
1.26individuals" insert "or serving low demand or very limited access populations"
1.27Page 40, delete line 14
2.1Page 40, line 15, delete everything before "The"