1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2327, the second engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 3, delete subdivision 2, and insert:
1.3    "Subd. 2. Notice to affected individuals. (a) Between 60 and 65 days prior to a
1.4state general election, the Department of Corrections shall provide to the secretary of
1.5state a list of offenders, who, at the time the list is prepared, are on supervised release or
1.6probation for a felony offense that resulted in the loss of civil rights or who are projected
1.7to be placed on supervised release or probation on or before the date of the state general
1.8election for a felony offense that resulted in the loss of civil rights. The list shall also
1.9include former offenders who the statewide supervision system indicates were discharged
1.10from all felony level sentences since the previous list was provided in accordance with this
1.11subdivision and who are not serving a felony level sentence at the time the list is prepared.
1.12The data must include the offender's name; date of birth; last known residential address
1.13that is not a correctional facility; if available, corrections state identification number and
1.14driver's license or state identification card number; and date of projected discharge, or if
1.15an offender has completed the sentence, the date the discharge occurred.
1.16(b) The secretary of state shall use the data provided in paragraph (a) to mail written
1.17notices at least one month prior to a state general election, as follows:
1.18(1) a notice to each individual on probation for a felony offense that would result
1.19in the loss of civil rights, informing the individual that registration or voting while on
1.20probation for the offense is itself a felony offense and may result in the loss of the
1.21individual's probation status; and
1.22(2) a notice to each individual who has completed a term of probation resulting in
1.23the loss of civil rights and who has no new felony conviction, that the individual's right to
1.24vote has been restored."