1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2458, the first engrossment, as follows:
1.2Page 1, line 7, after "must" insert ", except as provided in paragraphs (f) and (g),"
1.3Page 1, line 8, after the period insert "An agency is not required to conduct an
1.4advisory inspection if the agency has a regularly-scheduled inspection that would occur
1.5within 90 days after the request for the advisory inspection, or if before an advisory
1.6inspection is requested, the agency has notified the person that it will be conducting an
1.7inspection within 45 days."
1.8Page 2, after line 23, insert:
1.9"(f) If agency staff resources are limited, an agency must give higher priority to
1.10the agency's regular inspections over advisory inspections under this section. In so
1.11far as conducting advisory inspections reduces an agency's costs, the savings must be
1.12reflected in the charges for advisory inspections. An agency may not add additional staff
1.13complement for purposes of this section before July 1, 2013. An agency may not add
1.14additional staff complement for purposes of this section after July 1, 2013, unless: (1)
1.15the agency has presented a request for additional staff complement to the legislature; (2)
1.16the agency has documented the demand for advisory inspections and has documented
1.17why additional staff complement is needed to meet the demand; and (3) the agency has
1.18documented that the revenue generated by advisory inspections will cover the expenses
1.19of the additional complement."
1.20Page 2, line 24, delete "(f)" and insert "(g)"
1.21Page 2, line 29, after "life" insert "or presents significant risk of major injury or
1.22severe emotional harm to humans"
1.23Page 3, after line 3, insert:
1.24"(h) An agency may terminate an advisory inspection and proceed as if an inspection
1.25were a regular inspection if, in the process of conducting an advisory inspection, the
1.26agency finds a situation that the agency determines: could lead to criminal penalties;
2.1endangers human life or presents significant risk of major injury or severe emotional harm
2.2to humans; or evidences a patterns of willful violations."