1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 2685, as amended by the delete-everything
1.2amendment (H2685DE1), as follows:
1.3Pages 24 to 25, delete sections 32 and 33 and insert:

1.4    "Sec. 32. Minnesota Statutes 2011 Supplement, section 171.05, subdivision 2, is
1.5amended to read:
1.6    Subd. 2. Person less than 18 years of age. (a) Notwithstanding any provision
1.7in subdivision 1 to the contrary, the department may issue an instruction permit to an
1.8applicant who is 15, 16, or 17 years of age and who:
1.9(1) has completed a course of driver education in another state, has a previously
1.10issued valid license from another state, or is enrolled in either:
1.11(i) the applicant is enrolled in behind-the-wheel training in a public, private, or
1.12commercial driver education program that utilizes simulation or behind-the-wheel
1.13instruction and that is approved by the commissioner of public safety; and
1.14(ii) the applicant:
1.15(A) has successfully completed the classroom phase of instruction in a public,
1.16private, or commercial driver education program that is approved by the commissioner of
1.17public safety and that includes classroom and behind-the-wheel training; or;
1.18(ii) an approved behind-the-wheel driver education program
1.19(B) has successfully completed homeschool driver training, when the student
1.20is receiving full-time instruction in a home school within the meaning of sections
1.21120A.22 and 120A.24, the student is working toward a homeschool diploma, the student
1.22is taking home-classroom driver training with classroom materials are approved by
1.23the commissioner of public safety, and the student's parent has certified the student's
1.24homeschool and home-classroom driver training status on the form approved by the
1.25commissioner; or
1.26(C) concurrent to the instruction under item (i), is enrolled in the classroom phase of
1.27instruction in a public, private, or commercial driver education program that is approved
2.1by the commissioner of public safety, and completes 15 hours of classroom instruction and
2.2one behind-the-wheel lesson with an instructor;
2.3(2) has completed the classroom phase of instruction in the driver education program;
2.4(3) (2) has passed a test of the applicant's eyesight;
2.5(4) (3) has passed a department-administered test of the applicant's knowledge
2.6of traffic laws;
2.7(5) (4) has completed the required application, which must be approved by (i) either
2.8parent when both reside in the same household as the minor applicant or, if otherwise,
2.9then (ii) the parent or spouse of the parent having custody or, in the event there is no court
2.10order for custody, then (iii) the parent or spouse of the parent with whom the minor is
2.11living or, if items (i) to through (iii) do not apply, then (iv) the guardian having custody of
2.12the minor, (v) the foster parent or the director of the transitional living program in which
2.13the child resides or, in the event a person under the age of 18 has no living father, mother,
2.14or guardian, then (v) the foster parent or the director of the transitional living program
2.15in which the child resides or, if items (i) through (v) do not apply or the minor applicant
2.16is married or otherwise legally emancipated, then (vi) the applicant's adult spouse, adult
2.17close family member, or adult employer; provided, that the approval required by this
2.18clause contains a verification of the age of the applicant and the identity of the parent,
2.19guardian, foster parent, program director, adult spouse, adult close family member, or
2.20adult employer; and
2.21(6) (5) has paid the fee all fees required in section 171.06, subdivision 2.
2.22(b) For the purposes of determining compliance with the certification of paragraph
2.23(a), clause (1), item (ii), subitem (B), the commissioner may request verification of a
2.24student's homeschool status from the superintendent of the school district in which the
2.25student resides and the superintendent shall provide that verification.
2.26(c) The instruction permit is valid for two years from the date of application and
2.27may be renewed upon payment of a fee equal to the fee for issuance of an instruction
2.28permit under section 171.06, subdivision 2.

2.29    Sec. 33. Minnesota Statutes 2011 Supplement, section 171.06, subdivision 2, is
2.30amended to read:
2.31    Subd. 2. Fees; additional charges. (a) The fees for a license and Minnesota
2.32identification card are as follows:
Classified Driver's License
Classified Under-21 D.L.
Enhanced Driver's License
Instruction Permit
Enhanced Instruction
Provisional License
Enhanced Provisional
Duplicate License or
duplicate identification
Enhanced Duplicate
License or enhanced
duplicate identification
Minnesota identification
card or Under-21
Minnesota identification
card, other than duplicate,
except as otherwise
provided in section 171.07,
subdivisions 3
and 3a
Enhanced Minnesota
identification card
3.23In addition to each fee required in this paragraph, the commissioner shall collect a
3.24surcharge of: (1) $1.75 until June 30, 2012; and (2) $1.00 from July 1, 2012, to June 30,
3.252016. Surcharges collected under this paragraph must be credited to the driver and vehicle
3.26services technology account in the special revenue fund under section 299A.705.
3.27    (b) Notwithstanding paragraph (a), an individual who holds a provisional license and
3.28has a driving record free of (1) convictions for a violation of section 169A.20, 169A.33,
3.29169A.35 , or sections 169A.50 to 169A.53, (2) convictions for crash-related moving
3.30violations, and (3) convictions for moving violations that are not crash related, shall have a
3.31$3.50 credit toward the fee for any classified under-21 driver's license. "Moving violation"
3.32has the meaning given it in section 171.04, subdivision 1.
3.33    (c) In addition to the driver's license fee required under paragraph (a), the
3.34commissioner shall collect an additional $4 processing fee from each new applicant
3.35or individual renewing a license with a school bus endorsement to cover the costs for
3.36processing an applicant's initial and biennial physical examination certificate. The
3.37department shall not charge these applicants any other fee to receive or renew the
3.39(d) In addition to the fee required under paragraph (a), a driver's license agent may
3.40charge and retain a filing fee as provided under section 171.061, subdivision 4.
3.41(e) In addition to the fee required under paragraph (a), the commissioner shall
3.42charge a filing fee at the same amount as a driver's license agent under section 171.061,
4.1subdivision 4. Revenue collected under this paragraph must be deposited in the driver
4.2services operating account.
4.3(f) An application for a Minnesota identification card, instruction permit, provisional
4.4license, or driver's license, including an application for renewal, must contain a provision
4.5that allows the applicant to add to the fee under paragraph (a), a $2 donation for the
4.6purposes of public information and education on anatomical gifts under section 171.075.
4.7(g) In addition to the instruction permit fee required under paragraph (a), the
4.8commissioner shall collect an additional $5 program implementation fee from an applicant
4.9who is enrolled in concurrent driver education instruction as provided in section 171.05,
4.10subdivision 2, paragraph (a), clause (1), item (ii), subitem (C). The commissioner shall
4.11terminate the fee under this paragraph when the department has fully recovered its
4.12costs to implement concurrent classroom phase and behind-the-wheel instruction under
4.13section 171.05. The commissioner shall deposit proceeds of the fee in the driver services
4.14operating account in the special revenue fund. Proceeds from the fee under this paragraph
4.15are annually appropriated to the commissioner from the driver services operating account
4.16for administrative costs to implement concurrent driver education."
4.17Page 28, line 13, delete "2014" and insert "2013" and delete "2013 and" and insert
4.18"2014 and"
4.19Page 33, line 30, delete "Section 2" and insert "Section 34"