1.1.................... moves to amend S.F. No. 288, the first unofficial engrossment, as
1.3Page 16, line 30, delete "as established by the Board of Dentistry"
1.4Page 17, line 2, delete "registered or certified" and delete "another" and insert "a"
1.5Page 17, line 4, delete everything after "a" and insert "licensed dentist."
1.6Page 17, line 6, delete everything before "directing" and insert "licensed dentist"
1.7Page 17, after line 7, insert:
1.8    "Subd. 6. Vendor. "Vendor" means a third-party under contract with the Board of
1.9Dentistry to perform the registration and certification requirements of sections 15A.24
1.10to 150A.33."
1.11Page 17, line 11, delete "register" and insert "or registered" and delete everything
1.12after "the" and insert " in accordance with"
1.13Page 17, line 14, after the period insert "A dental laboratory that is located outside
1.14of the state that does work for a Minnesota dental laboratory must be registered with the
1.16Page 17, line 16, delete "board on a form provided by the board" and insert "vendor
1.17in the form required by the vendor"
1.18Page 17, lines 22 and 24, delete "board" and insert "vendor"
1.19Page 17, line 26, delete subdivision 4 and insert:
1.20    "Subd. 4. Registration term. (a) Registration shall be valid for five years."
1.21Page 17, line 31, delete "by" and insert "with"
1.22Page 18, line 2, delete everything after the first "the" and insert "vendor in the form
1.23required by the vendor and accompanied"
1.24Page 18, line 8, after the semicolon insert "and"
1.25Page 18, line 13, delete "; and" and insert a period
1.26Page 18, delete line 14
1.27Page 18, lines 14, 15, 20, 24, and 27, delete "board" and insert "NBC"
2.1Page 18, line 17, delete "two" and insert "one"
2.2Page 18, line 21, delete everything before the comma and insert "in the manner
2.3prescribed by the vendor"
2.4Page 18, delete lines 24 to 29
2.5Page 18, line 32, after "perform" insert "or authorize"
2.6Page 18, line 33, delete "for a licensed dentist under this chapter" and delete "the"
2.7and insert "a"
2.8Page 20, delete line 16 and insert:
2.9"(d) The vendor shall maintain a list on its website of upcoming coursework
2.10including the date, time, and location of the course and a description of its content.
2.11(e) The vendor shall maintain a list of the current continuing education status for
2.12each dental technician, and shall update the list at least quarterly."
2.13Page 20, line 19, delete "$20" and insert "$50"
2.14Page 20, line 20, delete everything after "and" and insert "annual renewal is $150."
2.15Page 20, line 21, delete everything after "nonrefundable" and insert a period
2.16Page 20, delete line 22
2.17Page 20, after line 23, insert:

2.18    "Sec. 9. [150A.33] RESPONSIBILITIES.
2.19    Subdivision 1. Vendor. (a) The vendor shall maintain a website with links to pages
2.20that contain the requirements for registration and certification of dental laboratories in
2.22(b) The vendor shall maintain an up-to-date website with a list of all registered and
2.23certified dental laboratories in Minnesota that includes the name, location, and registration
2.24or certification number of the laboratory.
2.25(c) The vendor shall provide electronic access to the Board of Dentistry of all
2.26registration information required under section 150A.25.
2.27    Subd. 2. Board of Dentistry. (a) The board shall provide a link on its website to
2.28the web page on the NBC website that contains the list of registered and certified dental
2.29laboratories in Minnesota.
2.30(b) The board has authority to enforce the provisions of this act that are related to
2.31the practice of dentistry."
2.32Page 20, delete section 24
2.33Renumber the sections in sequence and correct the internal references
2.34Amend the title accordingly