1.1.................... moves to amend H.F. No. 1240 as follows:
1.2Page 12, line 21, delete "when a background study" and insert "for services provided
1.3in the license holder's own home when an individual who has ever been subject to a
1.4background study has a disqualification that is not set aside if: (1) the disqualified
1.5individual is a "family or household member" of the license holder, as defined in section
1.6518B.01, subdivision 2; or (2) the disqualified individual has a record of having had direct
1.7contact with, or access to, persons served by the program."
1.8Page 12, delete lines 22 and 23
1.9Page 12, line 28, delete everything after "if"
1.10Page 12, line 29, delete everything before the first "an" and insert "while the program
1.11continues to operate pending"
1.12Page 12, line 30, delete "issued under this section," and insert "the commissioner
1.13identifies one or more new violations of law or rule which may adversely affect the health
1.14or safety of persons served by the program,"
1.15Page 15, line 33, before the period, insert "unless there is a criminal or juvenile court
1.16action pending against the license holder or another individual subject to a background